The company was established in Hong Kong in 1991. The initial name was ??(HUIFENG). At first, it was an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to help some well-known computer companies to produce their notebook computers.

After few years, the company became very successful and we decided to create our own brand of smart phones and computers. Therefore, we merged related technologies companies and decided to change the company's name. In 1998, the new brand was created and it was named Edge.The first major products, which are smart phones and computers was made in 2006.

It was first released in the United States for pre-order on March 23, 2008 and has since been introduced in many countries including United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore. Our products have very high technology but it is very easy to use for people. The consumers of our products are high end market. In May 2011, the new product development team thought they have come up with ultimate tablet device, named Edge Thor, to compete with Apple iPad.Mission statement We hope that our products could provide technological easy to all levels of consumers. Therefore, we prefer to develop different types of products to suit different people.

Additionally, we have made our products of high quality with reasonable prices. Therefore, their mission statement is: "Create hi-tech for all consumers with high quality and reasonable price, enhance employees' career abilities".Product introduction Edge Thor is a portable 8.5-inch tablet with a digital pen that can do more for consumers than consumers could imagine. "More sharing, more joy" is the core idea of this product. The most outstanding unique feature of Thor is that it could be used as a projector.

Purchasers could share images, videos or other visual technologies with their friends. Moreover, Edge's Thor also provides HD screen, blue tooth, word processor, USB and handwriting input. Thor puts customers in control of any situation. (1) As we all know, Google ranks first among the world, Yahoo! Search and Bing search are also very popular at present, so the registration in these search engines is essential.

We will also make an effort to improve our rank in those search engines.(2) Cooperate with Amazon, set links in their website to our homepage. This will help increasing our click rate and awareness, and their customers may become our customers, too. (3) Sending e-mails to our users when need their feedback. To prevent sending the offensive e-mail, we will use the site's feedback feature to record if the user is willing to accept the e-mails from us.

 (4) Regularly sending electronic journals to the registered users, it will not only provide timely information and exciting activities to the users, but also increase our website hits.(5) We will register in Facebook and Twitter, and publish our news in them. It is a good way to get closer to our existing and potential customers. Loyal Customers Marketing Stuff: Marketing, Accounting, Sales and IT Department Cost: 500,000 (1) We will every week randomly select 10 lucky user who had already give us the feedback of our tablet during the three months before Olympic Games, and give him or her the limited Olympic version tablet which is not for sell as the prize, in order to encourage customers to give us advices of improving our products and services.(2) We will hold a series of video games contest in our stores; customers must attend these contests with the tablets they bought.

The final game will hold in our biggest flagship store in London, and the participants can get the vouchers of different value which can be used to buy any product of our company. (3) We can collect the information of customers' preference and behavior by sending questionnaires via emails and get their feedback 1 month after their purchase. Then we can store all the information in the database and when we want to launch new products, we can analyze those data and then we can meet the customers' needs accurately.(4) We plan to cooperate with Slightly Mad Studios, a famous video game company which is popular among young people, since we have the same target market, we can share the information we already had to expand each other's databases. Then we can achieve win-win through a series of mutually beneficial activities and brand linkage.

 Campus Marketing Stuff: Marketing, Accounting and Sales Department.Cost: 500,000 (1) To be the sponsor of universities' arts festivals, sports meetings and theme parties, and title all the events, can make a qualitative leap of our company and product. And we can provide them our tablets as the award if they need. (2) It is an opportunity to advertise in the school handbooks, brochures, and campus maps to the new students at the beginning of the academic year. Also we can put our company's logo and URL to the footprint of each page. (3) We can hire some university student to paste our posters on school's bulletin boards and leave the leaflets on the tables in the restaurant every week, which is also the cheapest and most effective way of publicizing.