The original story line and 'on the bad guys team' style makes for an extremely memorable tale.

Aaron Chart plays the very comical, knowledgeable and oh-so argumentative role of Nick Analogy. Based on the novel by Christopher Buckley, Thank You For Smoking's distinct title contains everything you would want in a movie and more. Nick Analogy is the lobbyist of one of the biggest tobacco companies, Big Tobacco. Nick plays the perfect defense, strong, very strong offense.His job is to promote cigarettes and tobacco to the masses. Luckily he has some of the most flexible morals shown in a man and the argument skills of a lawyer.

One of the quotes by Chart that I enjoyed the most was "The beauty of an argument is that if you argue correctly, you're never wrong. " I appreciated the characterization of Chart; he portrayed the novels version of Nick Analogy beautifully. The extremely diverse cast made for picturesque scenes of Loris's comedy and rather thought-provoking content.You almost don't know whether to be encouraging your positive thoughts towards Nick or to be blatantly saddened by the high level of respect you somehow have for him.

Despite his immoral and somewhat wicked actions he wins over the audience by displaying a high level of knowledge and love towards his son. Even with the slightly taboo topic, Thank You For Smoking does nothing but treat the viewers to a stimulating and compelling story of a figure we rather love to hate.