Prompt: IKEA, merely another merchandise arrangement pulled by Chuck Palahniuk, or is this author a large fan of Marxism thought? Chuck Palahniuk portraits Marx’s thought of the capitalist economy and the consumerism through the narrative in his critically acclaimed freshFight Clubin 1996. Does IKEA furniture have anything to make with Marx’s revolution? In this paper I will uncover Marxism survey in Chuck Palahniuk 's novelFight Club.

Fight Clubdelivers the wildest dream that every American of all time wanted. Chuck Palahniuk introduces the reader to the helter-skelter universe of Narcissism and Capitalism through the eyes of a dissociative individuality upset patient. If you think this book is a narrative about a Fighting Club Federation such as WWE, you are looking in the incorrect topographic point. Chuck Palahniuk blends many psychological science constructs from Sigmund Freud and capitalist economy model from Karl Marx to expose the nastiest corners of Capitalism and alleged American Dream.

Fight Club’s characters are an exact version of Freud’s “dynamic theoretical account of the mind” or the Ego, The ID, and the Super Ego. The writer emphasizes the resistance between the ID and the Ego to connote the invariably turning spread between the two societal categories through the lenses of Karl Marx. Chuck Palahniuk follows Marx’s model in his book, while on the other manus he uses Tyler Durden’s Soap Company to mock Karl Marx’s revolution. Finally Palahniuk depicts how consumerism play a cardinal function in capitalist economy civilization and inFight Club. In the paragraphs that follow, I will further analyse and compare the thoughts inside Chuck Palahniuk’sFight Clubthrough the lenses of Karl Marx’s motion and Sigmund Freud’s radical theories.What make the narrative ofFight Clubgo an interesting and yet flooring experience? By utilizing a sociopath of class.

Chuck Palahniuk develops his narrative ofFight Clubbased on a personality individuality upset patient. The writer carefully tailors the character’s personality but leave many inquiries for the reader to reply on their ain manner throughout the book. The narrative is hyped up with unpredictable scenery in every chapters and so unfolded with superb secret plan turn. This technique makesFight Clubso fresh, alone, and full of surprises.Fight Clubis a singular presentation of Karl Marx revolution. Karl Marx left a important bequest to the universe, particularly the United States.

Marx believed that struggle between categories are inevitable merely due to upper category subjugation toward the lower category, who become victim of the position quo and rebellion against the upper category to reconstruct equality between the workers and the proprietors. In this instance, Chuck Palahniuk accurately demonstrates the evil side of capitalist economy through his bookFight Club. It strongly emphasizes the difference between the two opposite categories, both intellectually and materially, in which they are ever contending against each other, yet they are closely depending on each other. Palahniuk uses Freud’s “Dynamic of the mind” or the ID and the Ego to stand for the two opposite categories.Tyler Durden and the storyteller are in fact the two people standing in the opposite side of the capitalist system. InFight Club, we can safely reason that the upper category here include characters such as foremans and rich people, those who is submerged by wealth, power, and “body fat” ( Palahniuk 150 ) .

They have no respects for the lower working category. In the scene where the party invitees is celebrate at a hotel, Tyler is one of their server. They have no regard for server such as Tyler because “the tip is already included in the measure so they treat him like dirt” ( Palahniuk 80 ) . They represent the super-ego, they are the outside universe, they are the societal norms.

Tyler own a luxury Paper Street Soap Company with labour from the “space monkeys” ( Palahniuk 130 ) . Tyler is the all-star hero that every adult male desire to go. He represents the ID, or “the primary impulses, unrepressed and narcissistic” ( Beth Watson ) . He executes his leading power in the most utmost manner.

By making battle nines around the states, Tyler motivates many people to get the better of their fright and accomplish any ends that they are passionate about. Tyler Durden creates a new societal system by destructing the corrupted recognition system by conveying pandemonium and devastation to the universe. On the other manus, one of the chief supporters from the book shared many features of a typical American. The storyteller represent a individual who loses touch with world, dainty him/herself as an “object” and neglect to set up relationships with others.

The storyteller is trapped under the capitalist economy with his hapless occupations. He finds IKEA magazine and furniture the lone manner to deliver and replenish their dignity. The storyteller represents the self-importance, who is constrained by experiencing and fail hopes that capitalist economy has forced upon him.Chuck Palahniuk uses the Paper Street Soap Company and project Mayhem as the tools to mock Karl Marx revolution.

This hypothesis is reasonably counterintuitive. Why would Chuck Palahniuk, intendedly or non, mock Karl Marx’s motion to emancipate the working category? In order to understand this thought, I would hold to take a measure back. In the bosom of workers around the universe. Karl Marx is their lone Jesus, the hero who set them free from the development of inexpensive labour. If we think profoundly, Karl Marx does non hold all the money in the universe to contend the economic inequalities among categories. Alternatively, Marx became the innovator, the leader to teach his followings to the following onslaught on the capitalist economy system.

Tyler is an awful-lot the same! He opens fight nines around the state ; his battle nine members respect and fear him as a God. By turning his chosen members for undertaking Mayhem into “Space monkeys” ( Palahniuk 130 ) , Tyler has entire control of the full human resources to function his undertaking Mayhem. You may inquire how that is a jeer to Karl Marx. Let me state you the sarcasm of Karl Marx revolution. Marx tried to deliver these workers from the corrupted system by telling them to contend, to kill, and to give for his intents.

Finally Karl Marx revolution adopts the same capitalist economy pattern that they one time seek to destruct.The consumerist economic system is besides one of the chief subject ofFight Club. From the narrator’s IKEA furniture to Tyler’s homemade soap. Consumerism subject in novel is really common in the history of American Literature.

In a reappraisal of Aldous Huxley’sBrave New World, Kyle Smith points out that airy author such as Aldous Huxley already criticized the consumerism system every bit early as 1931 after he published his bookBrave New World( New York Post ) . Even though Chuck Palahniuk wroteFight Clubin 1996, his book still delivers a shocking yet unforgettable features of the consumerist system. IKEA is one chief rich corporation in the book. IKEA has set a criterion of life for every American place with its furniture. We can see that IKEA needs people like the storyteller for his money.

In the other manus, people like the storyteller needs IKEA because they need a characteristic, an individuality that they can non acquired by themselves entirely ( ) . In a authoritative work by John BergerWayss of Sing, the writer criticized the pop civilization for flim-flaming people to buy picture to turn out their dignity and their wealth. We can see this connexion with our storyteller inFight Club. He admits that he is “the slave to his IKEA furniture “nesting instinct” ( Palahniuk 43 ) . IKEA furniture is the lone manner the Narrator have to “fight back against apathy, solitariness, and depression.

He is comfy with holding his individuality defined by corporations such as IKEA” ( Haggstrome, ) . His hapless occupations, abandon parent, lonely societal life are excessively much for him to bear. Our storyteller is seeking to make full the empty nothingness in his life by purchasing trade name merchandises.Chuck Palahniuk uses an original and interesting ways to undertake the capitalist economic system. By following Sigmund Freud’s psychological science theories and Karl Marx proviso of Capitalism, Chuck Palahniuk depict the dark side of the Capitalism in his bookFight Club.

Tyler Durden and the storyteller represents the Id and Ego, severally. Tyler Durden is everything our storyteller of all time wanted. From money, societal life, athletic build. While the storyteller represent common American, who stuck in a low-paying occupations, with small sense of individuality and characters. The writer uses Tyler Durden’s Soap Company as a tools to mock Marxism theory. As Tyler tries to destruct the capitalist, he finally follow the capitalist pattern along the manner.

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