We all know the El Presidente is a historical and educational movie about the First President of the Republic of the Philippines, Emilio Aguinaldo.

The movie itself is that, it is not for all Filipinos but for the Independence that the country’s attaining right now. It is a film that has; I mean of course mostly an epic especially the scenes it’s really hard to visualize the happening that occur decades ago. I could say that this film is not good for those Andres Bonifacio admirers or those who likes him the best, because the Bonifacio’s clan in this film is not really in good situation that they are outrage in this film.It is directed by Mark Meily. The main character of the film which in Emilio Aguinado is played by E. R.

Ejercito, Cesar Montano as Andres Bonofacio. The opening of the film is Emilio Aguinaldo writing a letter. The next motion was, Emilio Aguinaldo troop was attacked by the unknown soldiers. The scene of the movie happened in 1896, it was the reign of the Spanish colonizers in the Philippines. In this film Emilio joined secretly in the Katipunan. The group aimed to start a revolution to topple the Spanish colonizers and to proclaim eventually the independence that is against Spain.

The group is lead and inducted by Andres Bonifacio.Being a member of the government makes, Aguinaldo was able to organize and form small secret army that has a handful of firearms. Bonifacio failed to start his first revolution due to the mistakes or improperly military actions. But then he decides to start again in his own town. Because of this, the other towns and cities were inspired by them to do a revolution also.

He became successful in forming a group from scratch. But the thing that happened was not the plan he wanted for. Due to the recklessness and being disorganized, Bonifacio lost the trust of his fellowmen and also the generals.This was the beginning of the war and rivalry of Aguinaldo and Bonifacio. After the elections, Aguinaldo won and nullifies his form and creates his own government.

According to the court they martial sentences Bonifcaio to death, that Aguinaldo tries to chage the punishment to Bonifacio after he realize the oracles that had predicted on him years ago, that Bonofacio’s death will mean to the fall of the republic. The order of the commutation received too late that Bonifacio was eventually executed by the Spanish army and capture the town where Emilio Aguinaldo’s command.Soon Aguinaldo transfers his money and capitals to the small village next to the mountains which is called Biak-na-Bato. Aguinaldo negotiates with Spain to pay the latter huge amount that they lay down and he was exiled in Hong Kong and have general amnesty is given to the Filipino soldiers.

While he’s staying in Hong Kong, the Americans are preparing to help the Filipino people fight against the Spain stating that they have no interest in Philippines and have a goal to weaken the military of the Spanish. Aguinaldo travels back in the Philippines and declares the independence from the long colonial Spain in the Philippines.