However since Johnson (2013) states that "finding a market for the coir is number en priority for Garbling right now", a solution that involved coir held more importance for them.

As insulation Is a government regulated Industry, there was a lengthy set of standards the product would have to conform to In order to meet health and safety guidelines (Building Code of Australia, 2002). Since this would take time and resources, It Is not as practical as marketing the coir as this does not have as many health and safety risks as It Is used In open spaces Instead of households.Due to the general nature of both designs they are easily adapted to fit different situations. The wadding can be used to insulate in any area that is affected by sound or heat, not necessarily being restricted to households, but also stereo speakers or the like. Likewise coir can be used in a variety of landscaping situations, from sand dunes to wetlands, by simply changing the method of implementation, from thin mats to a series of rolls depending on the function it needs to serve.