The flow through pipe A is 6. 65 mm/h. Calculate (a) the mass flow rate in each pipe, (b) the average linear velocity in each pipe and (c) the mass velocity n each pipe.

D) What opacity and type of pump do you recommend? (e) How do you Join the pipes and present the mechanical design of all the Joints shown in the figure. A certain set of crushing rolls of 40 in. Diameter by 1 5 in. Width of face are set 2. So that the crushing surfaces are 0. 5 in.

Apart at the narrowest point. The manufacturer recommends that they be run 50 to 100 RPM. They are to crush a rock having a specific gravity of 2. 35.

And the angle of nip Is 300_ What are the maximum permissible size of feed and the maximum actual capacity in tons per hour, if the actual capacity is 12% of theoretical?After long use, the tires on the rolls of the mill have become roughened so that the angle of nip is 32030'. What will now be the maximum permissible size of feed, and the capacity? Specify the material of construction of rolls and present all the mechanical design of the crusher. 3. Crude OLL at the rate of 1 50,000 keg/h Is to be heated from 20 to 570 C by heat exchange with the bottom product from a dilatation unit.

The product at 129,000 keg/ h is to be cooled from 146 to 1070 C.There is available a tubular exchanger with steel tubes with an inside shell diameter of 23 1/4 in. , having one pass on the shell side and two passes on the tube side. It has 324 tubes, % in. ODD, BAG 14, 12 Ft long arranged on a I-in.

Square pitch and supported by basses with a 25% cut, spaced at 9-Len. Intervals. Would this exchanger be suitable; I. E. , what Is the allowable fouling factor. The average properties are shown below: cap, J/g.

Co p, cap p, keg/mm k, w,'m. Co Product, outside tubes 502 867 0. 119 Crude, inside tubes 1. 99 2.

25 0. 137 4. We wish to flash 150,000 keg/h of a mixture that is 25 wet% ethanol and 75% water and get a vapor product that is 50 wet % ethanol. Flow rate may vary by 12%. Feed can range from 21 to 26 ethanol.

Feed is currently at ambient temperature and pressure (both of which vary during the year). (a) Design a new flash system with one flash drum. (b) Design a new flash system with two flash drums so that the final concentration of ethanol in the liquid wastes will be decreased and more 50 wet% ethanol vapor product will be produced. ) Give the schematic diagram of the equipment with mechanical designs. 5. Your Job is to pump water from a well (with a depth and diameter of 60 and 10 Ft respectively) to an overhead tank of volume 10 mm.

The water level in the well varies between 40 to 60 Ft depending on the season and is located at a distance of 30 Ft from the building. The overhead tank is at a height of 40 Ft from ground level.Related essay: Hydraulic, Adiabatic wheel, Tubes design of Heat Exchanger and calculation