What Is product design? The process for creating new products for selling to the consumers Is known as product design. It is a wide concept: it mandatory includes effective and efficient development and generation of ideas by going through a process which gives birth to new products. Conceptualization and evaluation of ideas by product designers in a systematic way leads to the birth of tangible products through inventions. Product designers combine science, art and technology for creation of new products to be used by end-users.

The product designers have started using digital tools for designing of new products. These digital tools enable the designers to visualize, communicate, analyze and finally give tangible shape to the product idea. These tools reduce the requirement for manpower. Product design process Many product design processes exist and each focus on different aspects. Product design processes allow designers in the formulation of new products from ideas. A group of Individuals help In the completion of the process.

The group of individuals Includes field experts, Industrial designers, prospective users, engineers, etc. Product designing processes concentrate on finding out the product requirement, developing ideas, creating demo products and finally creation of the products. However, it does not bring end to the process. At this moment, product designers will need to do execution of ideas, creation of new products and then calculate its rate of success by observing whether any kind of Improvement Is required or not.

The rise of ID printing and Its popularity over the years have led to huge Improvement in product designing processes. ID printers have allowed the consumers find dimensional Items that give a better understanding of the products to be produced. Product design process includes the following steps: ; Analysis Concept Synthesis Analysis Assessing the situation Is the first step In the process of analysis. The product designers take decision on how to find a solution to problems.

The product designers take together the resources they have to solve problems in the most efficient manner. Thereafter, analysis is the important stage in this process. The entire team of product designers starts researching using the available resources and decides about what could be the course of action for solving the problem. The tools to be used for this might Include articles, statistics, questionnaires, etc. Concept In this stage the defining of matter's major Issue Is done.

The problem's conditions are treated as objectives and manacles on the circumstance become the measure on which the new product designing must be done. Synthesis Product designers come up with new product design ideas in this step that offers solution to the product design problems. They select few of the ideas and narrow down their choices. Then they execute one of the best ideas and then prepare a model or sample of the product.