To make this Initiative a success, Judder Fine Foods, must pay for a major technology upgrade In order to successfully service the number of customers that Join the Judder Fine Foods frequent shopper program. As detailed In the Judder Fine Foods Intranet, Judder currently uses outdated software and hardware. Novel 4.

11 Server, as well as Windows versions prior to XP are not supported or maintained any more. Additionally the use of dial-up Internet access with a ASK modem would be upgraded to broadband access ideally. (Look Apollo Group, Inc. 004)Another major project constraint is that the in-house Judder Fine Foods technical staff may not be adequate in the technical knowledge required for this undertaking. The technical staff consists of only two computer support specialists, who have supported the backdated technical infrastructure without vendor support. The current Judder Fine Foods database of choice is Microsoft Access.

All Is not lost, however. Judder Fine Foods can still move forward with the Frequent Shopper Program without Immediate technology upgrades.The new required customer fields can easily added to the Microsoft Access database. Customers can be encouraged to check their rewards points at any Judder Fine Foods Location, or call in to customer service.

To meet the challenge of the required technology upgrades, Judder Fine Foods can exercise a couple of options. One option could be the new Novel and IBM Integrated Stack for USE Linux Enterprise. This innovative system accommodates the USE Linux Enterprise Server 10 with a varied assortment of open and proprietary MM software that runs on top of either IBM System x or Blackener servers.These are low-priced MAD Peterson and Intel Pentium IV and Xenon-based servers.

(Vaughan-Nichols, 2006) using this system, a smaller businesses, such as Judder Fine Foods, can get file and print, web application, and database functionality all In one package. (Vaughan-Nichols, 2006) The Integrated Stack for USE Linux Enterprise is said to include: USE Linux Enterprise Server 10, IBM Webster Application Server Community Edition, a JOKE Cave 2 Enterprise Edition) application server based on Apache Greenroom technology,IBM DB Express-C. Previously codenamed 'Viper,' this is a hybrid database server that supports both relational and purely storage, Center's Likewise Management Suite 2. 0, which provides tools for managing firewalls, SSH (Secure Shell) console connections, a dashboard with system status information, a new interface for managing users and groups, and support for direct editing of network settings; It can also work with existing AD (Active Directory) networks. Vaughan-Nichols, 2006) Based off of Vim's data, this setup Including licensing with a year of support for 100 Users ND a 2-CPU Server would cost $1 3,867, compared to $20,990 for the Microsoft equivalent. (Vaughan-Nichols, 2006)A solution from Microsoft can still be an option, be highly integrated and therefore often easier to deploy as a single package.

(Vaughan-Nichols, 2006) Linux, based heavily from its Unix roots, has leaned towards being more akin to a collection of piece parts, which makes it highly flexible, but requiring a certain level of skill to assemble. Vaughan-Nichols, 2006) The package will be available from both IBM and Novel channel partners. Vaughan-Nichols, 2006) These sorts of partner channels will enable Judder Fine Foods the freedom to choose the software and pieces they wish to install while retaining full integration into their new Linux servers. Based on the company financial statements, Judder Fine Foods is not quite a large business.

They would still be considered a medium sized business, and therefore the recommendation will be to select the Novel/lbs package.