Since the fit del known for having "the best butt in the business", soon became known as the designer who makes "the best butt Jeans" in the business. She used her expertise and unique values to create the "perfect fitting Jean. "l Promising its clientele style they can make all their own, the brand has become a favorite among fashion influences due to its impeccable styling, exceptional fit and fabric innovation.

In constant development, Page Denim has successfully created an inclusive, complete, and quality label; Page products are sold in select, high-end retailers and specialty boutiques throughout the world.This report will analyze how Page Premium Denim uses the 4 Up's of product, price, place, and promotion to deliver a quality product to Its target market. Target Market The target market can be classified as simply as celebrity style. Geographic Segmentation: Page Premium Denim brand of Jeans was created In the US and Is focused around women who are located In California and surrounding area, and where Jean trends are highly changing.

The market numbers for this area are quite high as the climate doesn't change with the seasons.With Innovated technology and the ability to ship products worldwide, Page Premium Denim Is sold In 80 countries here Jeans trends are highly sought after, such as London, England, and Pairs, France. Demographic Segmentation: Page Premium Denim targets women between the ages of 18-50 with a healthy lifestyle and an above average income. Generally these women have purchasing power with dominate careers and driven oriented in the fashion industry.

Women who are still highly involved in family values are a prime target for this brand of jeans, especially North American women who value is an advocate of healthy and positive self-image.It focuses on a status that allows women to feel like a celebrity. Trend setting actresses such as: Blake Lively, Katie Holmes, and Sarah Jessica Parker wear Page Jeans and allows for them to set trends to their followers. 3 This product gives women the opportunity to wear celebrity clothing and in turn have a sense of status.

Benefit Segmentation: The idea of making such a high quality product for women gives them the sense of purpose; and that by purchasing Page Jeans the benefit they will receive is a sense of being a part of a celebrity trend setting genre.It gives a sense a power and confidence that each pair of Jeans is designed with the customer in mind and fulfills that sense of purpose y feeling great once wearing them. 4 Usage-Rate Segmentation: Jeans are a top article of clothing found in any person's wardrobe not Just women; however when it comes to clothing the market adapts to women's needs in terms of usage and purchasing power. Once a new product is developed by Page Premium Denim; loyal brand followers tend to purchase the product as soon as it comes available.

It is delivered as a 'must have' new item" says Marc, the owner of "The Art of Denim" clothing store in downtown Gullah, Ontario. Product Strategy As the first woman to break into the male-dominated denim world, the "Jeanine" of it-model-turned-designer; the brand founder, Page Adams-Seller, designs Page Denim with her uniquely feminine perspective and fifteen years of "behind the seams" experience to create a denim brand that is designed by a woman that focused specifically on the desires of a woman. The product promises that every style delivers a drop dead fit and each style is designed with the customer in mind.Fabrics used include: denim/ twill, fennel/ knit, corduroy, and coated leather.

5 Page uses only the finest fabrics and materials while each design is infused with thought and noninsured elements of women's bodies. Styles include: ultra-skinny fit, skinny, straight leg, cropped, boot cut, flare, wide leg, curvy, petite, extra-long, and maternity fits. Page Jean's goal is for women to have a tighter thigh area to create the look off lifted backside, and while it is effective; it isn't always the most comfortable. Page Denim is committed to using the highest quality materials and infusing, unexpected details into each and every design.

For example, in the skinny leg style the back right pocket has a tiny pocket sewn into it that a credit card or ID card fits perfectly into. This allows women who are tend not to carry hand bags the opportunity to have a pair of Jeans that will fit their needs. Color is never Just Ana blue for Page denim. It is, however; washed in dark, medium, and light denim, as well as non-traditional colors for denim such as red.

Page is from Alaska, and during her time when she visits, that when her inspiration takes place. 6 The culture brings in different colors to experiment with as well as texture and materials.Size range from 23 to 34 waistband size or some labels can be read as, XX (extra small), S (small), M (medium), and L (large). Page Jeans do come in a more extended range of sizes, such as its maternity fits with elastic waistbands. The length of each pair is also important; they range from 30 to 34 in length or from petite to tall.

7 Labeling is another important aspect for Page Jeans as they have re-launched its design to fit the growth of the company, as shown in Figure 1. Labeling is the one element of those changes. Here is the labels and tags in comparison to the original ones.Old Page Tag Figure 1: Change in Label Designs Packaging of Page denim contains a bar code that helps identify items with each order so credits can be associated with that specific account successfully in case of product return. Co-Branding is also another way to promote the growing Page brand.

According to, SAN FRANCISCO, CA, July 18, 2012 - TTS consumer partners LLC ("TTS") announced its investment in Page Denim. 9 The investment by TTS, a leading private equity investor in high-growth consumer brands, will fund future growth opportunities that will further develop the Page brand.Guess Jeans is a comparative denim brand that holds the same type of quality and structure of Page Jeans. They offer similar styles such as: ultra-skinny, skinny and flared. Although Guess does provide the same type of fit women are seeking in Jeans they still promote more of a generic product to mass produce too larger market.

Page denim focuses more on the quality of the denim to conform to a woman's body more effortlessly. 10 Pricing Strategy As Page's target market is willing to buy the product even though it has a higher price than other Jeans, price skimming would be a good choice.As long as demand is greater than supply, Page's skimming strategy enables management to successfully to recover its cost. Al People do not like traditional styles. They take benefits of unique minim into consideration regardless of price. A great pair of Page denim Jeans is a value part of someone's wardrobe.

It has better quality; better design and fashion cutting edge making consumers feel stylish and comfortable. These customers will pay more than two or three times the price of traditional Jeans. Usually Page denim jeans do not have discounts.In order to shift the storage to the purchaser and manage the inventory to maintain a steady production schedule year-round, sometimes, Page gives seasonal discount. Page as a new product for other countries, it uses freight absorption pricing strategy in its new market areas. They sell products at almost the same price in these areas.

Compare to the price of Guess Jeans, Page does not have many advantages because Guess have discounts even though they are new arrivals. High prices of designer denim Jeans prevent most people from buying them on a whim. It also makes Page more unique.Page Premium Denim use an operation oriented price strategy that seeks to match customer's demands by varying prices.

The average price of a pair of Page Jeans is $180-$220. Its comparatively high priced Jeans focuses more on the fit and quality as customers now prefer wearing a sighted Jean and are more concerned with how they look. It is promoted as an investment to looking fabulous and will be worthwhile. Page Denim does go on-sale for non-seasonal items up to 70% off online or in specialty stores and boutiques.

Online retailers such as: Revolutionist. Mom, SHOP, and Yahoo shopping all carry the Page brand with varying prices of $60 to $299. 12 Independent retailers tend to carry more specialty products that may not be available on the internet. The "Art of Denim" located in downtown Gullah, Ontario sells Page Jeans at an average price of $225.

When purchasing from retailers such s in fact a genuine Page product. Two Tactics for Fine-Tuning the Base Price, are being aware of the market as a whole, and evaluating the competitor's prices. Guess jeans are an example of the type of competition Page Jeans is up against.They offer a wide range of styles at competitive prices starting at $89 per pair of Jeans.

13 1) Seasonal price cut: (See Appendix-I: Page denim on sale promotion flayer) 2) Common Promotional Allowances: 14 Flyers maybe used to help reduce older inventory by giving a discount. This type of promotion is not available in Canada yet as the Page brand has not developed independent stores here in Canada to allow for this type of promotion. 15 (See Appendix -2: Page Sales Flyer) Compared to Guess Denim, Page Jeans have a similar product line design to adapt too fashion trends.Price ranges are set high at $200 and as low as $60 for Guess products. Since Page denim positions their products as luxurious they target a group who are willing to pay a premium for a trendsetting design art pieces. Place Strategy Independently owned stores carry this product, it is not mass marketed to be carried in typical Jean stores such as Jean Machine.

Page denim does sales over the internet wrought their own official website, and is able to go global by using the internet to promote sales. After only few years, Page Premium Denim has entered over 2,000 doors from the United States to Europe.Including the flagship store on Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills, Page Denim can be found in the top department stores, the most stylish and chic boutiques across the world and the reputable online retailer such as Amazon. By only selling the brand in specialty stores is gives the brand its credibility of unfitness that customers are looking for and are willing to pay for. 6 Non-store Retailing - which is the Page Denim Online Sales website located at 2346 E. Pacific Place Rancho Dominique, CA 90220.

17 An example of an independent retailer is the "Art of Denim" located in downtown Gullah, Ontario.The store carries specialty brand products for customers who are willing to pay a premium price. Located in a high traffic area of downtown the "Art of Denim" recognized a consumer base that was not only willing to pay for premium quality products but invested those products as part of their life style. Marc who owns the "Art of Denim" describes that Gullah is a trending setting community and since it is coated only an hour away from Toronto the city popularity is rising and new trends are being set daily. Distribution is done to 80 countries and growing.

Page Jeans are manufactured in the US with distribution centers located in California. 18 Companies such as Guess Jeans have stores dedicated strictly to their own brand. Since Page jeans are still fairly new to the Jean market the brand has not established its own stores here in Canada as of yet. Promotion Strategy Page Premium Denim defines its promotion through the different channels of advertising, public relations, sales promotions, and social media. Advertising Page Premium Denim is sold in over 80 countries in the world.Advertising is mainly done through magazines such as: Glamour, Instill, Lucky, and People Magazine.

Editorials such as the figure 1 show how Page Premium Denim is a 'must have' item a woman cannot live without. (Appendix 3- Page Advertising & Magazine) Public Relations of America). A non-profit organization that helps individuals and their families cope with eating disorders. RAIN, the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network who give support to those that have been sexually abused.

The Rape Treatment Centre (ROTC) t Santa Monica UCLA Medical Centre. By promoting healthy self-image and awareness to women in need, Page denim focuses on its target market by caring about women and their needs. Sales Promotions In order to make way for new products, older products are put on sale by independent retailers, as described by Marc, the owner of the "Art of Denim" in downtown Gullah, Ontario. Sales promotion for a new style of denim during a seasonal time is not very common, customers are willing to pay a premium price for a new product, and will not usually wait for it to go on-sale. Social Media Backbone and Twitter are top social media networks that Page denim uses to promote its products.

Page denim has its own Backbone page where followers that choose to 'like' the page can receive news feeds on new products and promotions. Developing a Backbone page such as this, allows for free advertising, however; it is only available to those that know about the product, which is a disadvantage to expose the product to such a large market. Figure 3 illustrates the type of news feed a follower would receive from Backbone:20 (See Appendix 4- Page Backbone- Newsfeed) Independent retailers such as the "Art of Denim" in Gullah, Ontario chive special advertising picture boards to help promote new products.These pictures can be place in the store front windows for potential customers to see as they are walking by. Conclusion Even though Page Premium Denim has only been established in the Jean market for a short while, it is predominately noticeable that the marketing mix used to promote such a unique product is well defined and working toward a mainstream customer base.

As wide spread as the Jean market is, Page Premium Denim is certainly one that keeps the customer in mind during the creation process.