Acknowledgment As the requirement of our course “Marketing” we have conducted this research to study the marketing strategies of Knorr Noodles. We are greatly indebted to our resource person “Mr. Shahzad Alam” whose help and guidance enabled us to muster our courage and findings in a presentable manner.

His comprehensive teaching style also enabled us to understand the subject of Marketing. Topics discuss with him would always remain in our minds. We acknowledge the assistance, help and patience of Area Manager of Unilever.As he with his vast knowledge and experience helped us to come up with a better understanding of assignment. We also thankful to him for giving us extra time. Dedication We dedicate this project to our respected teacher Prof.

Shahzad Alam, without his guidance we would not have been able to complete this project in such a wonderful fashion. More our dedication would not finish without mentioning the devoted prayers of our Parents. So we heartily dedicate this project to them as well.This humble effort is dedicated to our honorable parents, who encouraged and guided us to get the aim of life with love and respect Executive summary First of all we went to the company and gathered the information from their and then we started analyzing about the current situation of knorr Noodles. During this process of analyzing the product we came across some problems and some advantages prevailing in the company. As Unilever is well known brand in Pakistan so its history is too long.

Knorr Noodles has taken huge step to by entering in the market where a strong competitor was holding the market.