The development of new software is a thought-provoking experience. Those developing the program must analyze every aspect in order to effectively create a product that will be beneficial to their target audience. In order to be successful, consideration should be taken within every section of its structure.

A clear purpose for the website should be established from the beginning so that the website can effectively work toward a mission.Websystems, Inc introduced Ace Project, a new project management software solution for today’s businesses. According to them, it is the best online solution to manage your projects ---- “Anywhere.Anytime From any web browser.”  This program can be used to improve the organization surrounded with a company’s productivity level.

This managing tool allows users to plan all stages of software development and implementation plans. This can also be used to revamp a website.FEATURESAce Project allows for a timesheet module feature along with a project calendar to keep users on track of scheduled tasks in order to complete their desired task more efficiently. Email notification can be utilized as well to keep both employees and project managers informed of upcoming deadlines.

Project statistics and reports are available allowing business leaders, project managers and team members to stay on track of progress on their projects. With business leaders, their reports include individual workload, user activity and global completion status of the project.The project management has a more summarized version for each project designed in a one-page format. It is separated into 6 task report section ---- completed tasks, incomplete tasks, overview, date, description, and user.These reports inform them on a specific aspect of the tasks giving them the detail to continue the organization of the workload. Each team member can view individual reports by logging into their My Task page making it easy for them to stay informed as well.

It is vital that all members of the project implementation stay organized and informed of the happenings of all aspects of the software development.Ace Project also offers a Gantt chart feature. These are project planning tool that represent the time needed for tasks in order to effectively complete a project. These charts are simple to comprehend and are used by most project managers to illustration progress.

These can be created either weekly or monthly making it easy to view what still needs to be done. Each user can decide on a desired set period of time to be viewed on the chart. They can be produced for an individual project or a series of them.A calendar feature is also helpful to keep all members on track. Employee Time Sheet tracking is included as well as another time organizational feature.

When time sheets are completed, users can send them to their project manager with the email notification feature.Project managers can view their workload with a user workload report to determine the number of hours that need to be done in a particular day. They view these features through the administrator security level; general team members use the normal view.Important consideration should be taken within the documents involved with a project.

Most of these involve important organizational ideas with sometimes private information included. Ace Project offers a document management system that can lock specific document which protects them from deletion or being changed by any user. Up to 15 documents can be uploaded simultaneously.Project managers can also implement the discussion forum feature. It is an effective way to create a discussion of the progress being made and any suggestions of changes of the original plan.

Team members feel more entitled to an opinion on the project and feel that they can influence the success of the project with this type of feature included. Concerns can be dealt with as a team --- and can be solved more efficiently and fast with a number of varied opinions on doing so.OVERALL LOOK AND FEELThe project is described as easy-to-use and very convenient. However, the overall design of the website isn’t as inviting.

When first browsing, I was discouraged because of the lack of color and organizational features within the front page. I was hoping for more graphics.However, it does allow for new users to actively want to read more. By offering a free trial on the right, many will feel encouraged to attempt to utilize the program to see its initial effectiveness. This is a great way to determine how many users actually view your page by offering a “free” aspect.

EFFECTIVENESS If I were a project manager, I would feel satisfied with the varied features (as mentioned before) that are offered for me. With project implementation often times the organization of time and delegation of work tasks can be stressful and an effective program that helps to cure that would be a great addition to any business. I feel satisfied with the features and Websystems has gone far into attempting to be a convenience tool which offers a greater chance of use.THINGS WORTH NOTINGI definitely am encouraged by the Chat with us live aspect. People often have a variety of questions when first introduced to something new and by having an immediate outlet for them to receive answers is encouraging.

Often times when having to call or email, time is delayed and with these projects, most users would want immediate answers in order to decide whether this would fit their needs in the near future.The time element is most important and I believe Websystems effectively created a program that allows for convenience and effectiveness for today’s business project managers.EVALUATION OF SOFTWARETo be honest, if I were a project manager I would greatly consider using Ace Project for my tasks. Staying organized is often difficult when juggling various tasks. A service that could offers organizational features for you, your works and other employees as well would effectively lower your stress rate with this said project.

The convenience of this project I believe is its greatest marketing tool. It is most important in today’s business where often times downsizing is occurring and individual work load are raising at a steady pace.