But after reading their mission it became clear to me that it is all about solving problems for people. Reading the vision was no surprise for me. It is exactly what I thought. But it is totally different in comparison with the mission.

Mission and vision aren’t supporting each other. In the mission Instagram talks about solving a problem and in the vision it is all about ‘seeing the world as it happens through other people’s eyes’ . It is totally different and like it was mentioned before they do not support each other Mission lee Jeans Lee loves denim. http://www.

theloop. com. au/leejeans/overviewMission VP Corporation We will grow by building leading lifestyle brands that excite consumers around the world. Ours is a perpetually driven culture, focused on constant innovation. Using deep research and insights, we combine the art and science of apparel to create products that excite consumers and brands that inspire loyalty.

We responsibly manage the industry's most efficient and complex supply chain, which spans multiple geographies, product categories and distribution channels. Vision VP Corporation Our goal is to continuously exceed the expectations of our consumers, customers, shareholders and business partners.We help our retail partners win with consistently solid execution and outstanding service. And we continually find ways to improve our performance and generate bottom line results.

http://www. makingafortune. biz/list-of-companies-v/vf. htm, (about) Personal justification on mission and vision VP corporation Reading Both the mission and vision of VP corporation I have come to the conclusion that they are all about innovation and exceeding the expectations of the consumers/customers. The mission and vision support each other. There is no cap between the two thing.

Abell models Abell model Instagram NEEDS -personal production social reception -sharing -documentation -seeing -community -creativity -therapy -visual status updates youngster,celebs,creative ;amp;-people who want to be unique SEGMENTS - Ubuntu Linux 11. 04 (OS / Hosting) - 2 nginx machines;amp;DNS Round-Robin( Load Balancing) - Amazon High-CPU (Application server) - PostgreSQL (Data storage) - Gearman, a task queue system (Task Queue ;amp; Push Notifications) -  Munin ( Monitoring) TECHNOLOGIES http://instagram-engineering. tumblr. com/post/13649370142/what-powers-instagram-hundreds-of-instances-dozens-of http://readwrite. com/2012/03/14/study_why_do_people_use_instagramAbell model Lee jeans NEEDS -innovative -provocative -cutting edge -unique washes ;amp;fits -authentic heritage youngster/teenagers, mostly girls, young women SEGMENTS Compression-mesh Shapetastic Panel Exclusive mesh construction Supportive stretch deluxe fabric TECHNOLOGIES http://katiedevito. dreamhosters.

com/outfit-blogher-lee-jeans/ Core competencies of the 2 companies Core competencies Instagram leading digital development of environments in which people can interact socially. http://socialmedia. biz/2012/06/14/brands-how-to-cut-your-exposure-to-facebook-business-risk/Personal justification core competencies Instagram The core competencies is exactly what I thought about Instagram. In my eyes Instagram is one of the leading companies in social media and they are innovative by only making it about pictures with special filters. Core competencies Lee Jeans Lee Jeans is a innovative clothing brand.

Lee Jeans is provocative and cutting which is reflected in the unique fits and washes. Lee has huge authentic heritage. Lee Jeans has a reputation for being strong and fit. http://www.

slideshare. net/082011341/lee-brand-analyses-presentation-9200941 Personal justification core competencies Lee JeansLee Jeans has been not so popular the last few years. First Lee Jeans was a well known clothing brand that was innovative and provocative but nowadays there is a lot more competition like G-Star RAW who have passed Lee Jeans in being innovative and provocative. Because of this , I think that the core competencies of Lee Jeans doesn’t really fit anymore.

Value of chains Value of chain Instagram/facebook Where does Instagram make profit Giving users the chance to share picture is where they make profit. Without giving people a chance to share pictures Instagram is not able to sell the users info for advertizing Value of chain Lee Jeans ttp://www. 12manage. com/methods_porter_value_chain_nl. html Where does lee Jeans make profit The marketing sale is the part in the value of chain where Lee Jeans makes profit. The design and development is also a part where they make money but Lee Jeans can develop what they want but if there is no good marketing and sale you will not make any profit.

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