Travel Broadens the Mind Saint Augustine once said “the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”. Traveling, like reading, broadens the mind. It enriches life experience, sparks inspiration and makes people poised. Travel enriches life experience. It is a process of feeling the world: enjoying beautiful sceneries, tasting different food, meeting interesting people and experiencing new cultures. I traveled a lot when I was a kid.

I remember once when I was in the Liangshan yi autonomous region, Sichuan, my parents took me to the Torch Festival. People dressed in clothes with Yi features, surrounded a big torch, dancing and singing with great joy. I was highly affected by the atmosphere, my face was reddened and my whole world was lighted up. I can still remember those smiling faces and joyful cheers. Travel offers us a shot to better understand the world and make us more open to embrace the new things which could make our life more exciting and meaningful.

Travel sparks inspiration. Whiling traveling, we enter a totally different space, the air we breathe; the language we hear; the food we try can always arouse our love for life and give us inspiration. San Mao, a famous Chinese writer, composed most of her works while traveling. One of her best known work The Story of Sahara is about her experience in the northern Africa. This book vividly described the lifestyle, culture and native people in the Sahara Desert.

If she had never been there, there would be no such a wonderful work. Besides writers, musicians and artists often get inspired through travel. On the journey, we might meet obstacles. A flat tire, a landslide, or extreme weather may make us feel scared and panic, but somehow we can tough it out. After all those experience, we will be awed by nature and be brave and poised no matter what happens in our life. Life is a book, and with travel, we can read through the pages and make our life rich and beautiful.