This Is a technology essay about not using my cell phone for twenty four hours and recording my behavior during the time period. I am documenting how my life would different without out the use of my chosen device.

I also talk about how I try to substitute and occupy my new found time with other activities. My essay shows Just how much the people of my generation depends on technology. It shows that the phone kind of controls us instead of s controlling the phone.The essay also gives mom background information on the device I have chosen to give up for twenty four hours.

The details about the phone is a selling pitch for the producer and it shows why the consumers want It so much. Keywords: Today, Sunday at 1 :30 p. M. , Vive finally started my 24 hour period of going without my Samsung Galaxy S Ill phone. The Galaxy S Ill Is a touch-screen smart phone created by Samsung and was released on May 29, 2012.

It Is 5. 38 Inches tall, 2. 78 Inches wide and weighs about 4. 69 ounces. It also comes with an 8 misapplies rear camera and a 1. misapplies front camera.

The design work the phone started in late 2010 under the supervisions of Change Dong-Hon., Samsung Vice President and Head of the Design group of Samsung Electronics. Being that the price of the phone fluctuates, especially when you are buying it from a private vendor, you really can't put an exact price on it. My phone means the world to me.

I mean my whole life is pretty much on there. There is pictures, APS, notes, and even bank statements that I us on a day to day basis. With that being said, it is kind of obvious that going 24 hours without It loud be a torture Like mechanism for me.Within the first 10 minutes I was finding myself wanting to check It, My question to myself was, "What else does life consist of If I do not have my phone? " That question really stuck with me and had me thinking more than usual. Life could consist of so much more than a cellular device.

At first I was trying to find ways to get around the situation. I was trying to see who else phone I could use or maybe even check my Faceable and Mainstream from my laptop, but ultimately I realized that would simply defeat the purpose of the assignment. About 2 hours into my 24 hour period I decided to take a walk.When I got outside there was an amazing breeze and I then noticed that it wasn't so bad after all.

It was nice, relaxing, and calming. The peace and silence along with the breeze was quite enjoyable to my surprise. Putting the phone on silent or vibrate probably would have been of big help to me. Unfortunately I left my volume turned all the way up to Its highest point. Every other minute there was a beep or my Remington was going off Indicating that I had an Incoming call. Those few noises had me going crazy.

Who Is calling me? Who Is testing me?What does that notification light represent this time around? All of these questions were popping into my head at once and really older age bracket, would think it is impossible to have a phone addiction. If they were to sit down and see Just how much people depend on their smartness, then maybe they could understand. After I realized my head was spinning because I was without my phone, I finally came to terms with reality. There is so much more to life than technology period. Around 6:00 p.

M. , about 4 and a half hours into the assignment, I had so much accomplished.I was caught up with homework for all of my classes, I did all of my laundry and also managed to cook dinner. When you are looking from the outside on in then of course it seems unrealistic, but you would be surprised by the amount of things you can accomplish when you have less distractions.

My daily routine usually begins with me waking up, checking my phone, getting ready, checking my phone, eating, checking my phone and so on. So when you cut out the phone all together, I can fill those empty slots with something far much ore productive.All of that sounds nice, but it is still quite frustrating to go without my phone. My parents, and older people period, find it to be absolutely ridiculous that I go so crazy over my phone.

It fell on the ground once ad they witnessed me go ballistic. At the end of the day I realized that going a day without my phone isn't the end of the world, but I still cherish it so much. It was not a great experience for me; I love my beloved phone and will continue to use it as long as my wallet allows me to.