Throughout time, civilizations have developed significant technological innovations. These technological innovations have had both positive and negative effects on society or on mankind as a whole. The Neolithic Revolution was one of history's greatest changing points.

The scientific developments made during the time period, such as domestication, effected humans enormously. Another major advancement In technology came during the Industrial Revolution with the creation of the factory system.Both developments had their positive and negative Impacts on society that came along with the changes they brought. The Neolithic Revolution which happened circa 10,000 BC was a fundamental change in the way humans lived their lives. They changed from leading a nomadic lifestyle of hunting and gathering to a farming and permanent settlements.

Domestication was the reason this was all possible, the ability to have a steady supply of food was monumental. It stopped humans from always worrying about where or when they would get their next meal.Leading to the development of other tools and letting the work be focused on other aspects of life. The only major downside of domestication was it led to a huge population boom and in certain cases, overpopulation.

Not every technological advance is all sunshine and rainbows, some have many negative aspects about them. When the factory system was first Introduced It had many flaws In It. The conditions for workers Inside the factories were awful, they had very long day with little pay. The factories were unsafe, dirty and dimly lit.

Even both boy and girl children worked in these conditions, some as young as eight years old. Many workers were injured or even killed due to the hazardous conditions. Factory systems also brought a lot of economic prosperity to Great Britain during the Industrial Revolution. Because of mass production prices were able to be lowered on the produced goods. Also as the revolution grew, business grew as well.

Business owners were able to sell shares of their company to stock holds who shared in the earnings of the company.The factories also helped employ many people because the jobs offered required little skill. While there were negatives of the factory system there were also Just as many positives economically. The Innovations In technology throughout time have changed the face of history. Without domestication humans would soul be chasing down their meal for that night; moreover without factory systems many of the companies seen today would not be in aspect of it.

Regardless of the downsides, domestication and factory systems change the world for the better.