Scholarship Essay Upon graduating from Frewsburg Central High School, I plan to attend Edinboro University majoring in Computer management information systems. Several factors have led to my decision to pursue a career in the computer field. From the time I was born, I had a debilitating disease known as Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. This disease limits what simple tasks I am physically able to accomplish. I think not being able to participate in normal activities like most children I developed a desire to learn everything I could about new things.

Then in first grade, I was introduced to my first computer program, Logo Writer. I automatically wanted to learn everything I could about these fascinating machines. As I grew older I encountered several other models and numerous other programs, all this exposure led me to believe that computers should be a part of my future career. As I went through junior and senior high computers intrigued me even more, and all I wanted to do was figure out how everything worked together both hardware and software. My fascination with computers and my limitation due to my disability has led me to the computer field of study and to Edinboro University.

I have been a member of the National Honors Society for three years and have been Vice President for a year. Among my other organizations I am a member of are Student Council and the Frewsburg Leo Club both for four years. Last year I was awarded the Triple C Award, which is given by the State of New York for student who exemplify Courage, Character, and Community Involvement. The scholarship would tremendously help me out financially. I will attend Edinboro University without this scholarship because nothing will hold me back from my dreams and aspirations.However, receiving it would lift a little of the burden of tuition, books, and other costs off my shoulders so I could give that much more attention to achieving my goal of becoming a Computer Systems Analyst.

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