My most favorite movie of all time was “The Family that Prays”, by Tyler Perry. The reason why I chose this movie is because of the internal meaning and the real life situations of the story. For example, in the beginning Ray and his wife were just recently married, but there was some unforeseen trouble ahead in their marriage. Due to some hidden infidelity and a constant selfish greed for money, on the wifes’ side, the marriage soon began to grow bitter.

Then during the movie you will notice another viewpoint which really focuses on two families from different sides of the tracks. One is the mothers’, who has been putting most of her investments and life into her two girls so they could hopefully have a better future. But the younger sister of the wife seems to see things through a different window, something her mother has already seen. Sadly her mother continues to ignore it and pray while having her own tendencies to hide things from her own children.

No one else knows these secrets, but a rich old friend who just so happens to own a very lucrative construction company. Also she is the mother (Ellis) of the son who has hired Rays wife to work for them in their office. I honestly would recommend this movie for anybody because it will show some trials and tribulations that many families often go through today. Then the line that really caught me was when Ellis asked the mother “Are you living or are you living? ” Which really meant is she living for herself and enjoying life or is she just living to survive.