So I want to attend a place known as Prairie View A&M University. Well, for starters, Prairie View is a beautiful campus esthetically and a wonderful historically black university. The university is like a diamond in the rough. Most individuals know very little or only know Prairie View for their phenomenal band; but what they don’t know is the university has an excellent engineering and business degree program.

What the majority don’t know is that Prairie View is the second oldest school in the state of Texas, founded in 1876, carrying history dated back to slavery (for which some of the original features are present throughout the campus).Next, they are not aware that Prairie View offers a variety of degree plans that fosters growth from art to science curriculums. In addition to the educational aspect, Prairie View fosters development in extra-curricular activities like band, dance, football, golf and etc. Attending a university with so much history and success has been nostalgic. The college gives students that aren’t as fortunate the opportunity to receive an education so they can pursue their career dreams. What I like about Prairie View is the process they use to ensure the opportunity provided yields success.

For many students, this will be their first time that anyone in their entire family has attempted to attend college, therefore, Prairie View focuses on the freshman class, giving them support, mentors, and seminars on how to be success at college so that the student continues for the remaining subsequent years, increasing their success. Prairie View knowing that many students leave college sometime during or after their freshman year handles this by providing mentors/tutors to help all students so they can understand the curriculum and are successful during and after the classroom setting.As a new freshman this past year, I had the privilege to experience this process. I was assigned a mentor/tutor that was specific to my degree plan who was able to assist me in any subject matter that I didn’t understand. In my first semester although I understood the value, I didn’t utilize it appropriately; however, my second semester, not only did I understand the value, but appreciated it more.

My tutor, as well as all the others, did what it takes to teach, provide assistance throughout assignments, and provide advice to help improve my studying habits so that I grew as a successful student.This is the knowledge that I want to pay forward to incoming freshman and remaining students. Prairie View provides more than an education to students. The atmosphere is one of connectivity, belonging, and family.

Therefore new (and current) students feel a sense of community…like “a home away from home. ” When I needed help with a non-school issue, I knew that I could go to my mentor and not feel embarrassed or belittled. I felt like I was speaking with a member of my immediate family.I really liked how the mentors were able to help with relationship and family issues, building confidence, and how to stay the course to secure my future. The Golf Coach Bobby Johnson is a well rounded confident coach doing whatever it takes to build the golf team mentally and physically. Coach Johnson is there when you need help, he never puts his head down when we are/were faced with a difficult situation.

For example, at our 2013 SWAC conference tournament when there seemed to be no hope he still had hope . nd he provides for everyone on the team not just individuals.It’s my desire to be able to continue to play golf for Prairie View while putting its name and my name at the top of the leader board. To achieve this desire I will work hard academically on campus and efficiently on the golf course with my teammates. It is my aspiration to help assemble a golf team that will dominate SWAC golf.

I will be a positive role model to students in the classroom and on the golf course by presenting myself appropriately.I will go and perform academically in class, and demonstrate to everyone on campus a positive attitude with respect . This is my way of helping Prairie View become a better university. So you ask why I chose Prairie View as my number one pick to pursue my academic endeavors. My main endeavor is graduate knowing the material with a above average GPA, and I know that Prairie View will help guide me to reach this endeavor. I have been blessed that Prairie View would accept me into the university.

It is an honor to place my studies at this wonderful historically black university.