The three topics that I love the most are Jesus teachings, death and resurrection, and Jesus return. All aspects are important but reading about how Jesus reached those around Him and how he promised to return and show us who He really is, gives hope for the hopeless.

The scriptures that highlight these events are Matthew 5-7, Luke 15, Luke 22-24 and Matthew 24.In Matthew 5-7, Jesus makes it a point to tell the disciples and those he is teaching that he is not here to remove the commandments but here to fulfill them. He explains each commandment that was written on the tablets. Jesus also teaches us how to pray and gives us a guide. The Lords Prayer is a perfect example to praying to the father. Jesus taught with authority and this amazed the crowds of people.

Matthew 7:28-29 says, “When Jesus had finished saying these things, the crowds were amazed at his teaching, because he taught as one who had authority, and not as their teachers of the law.” Even though in the scriptures listed above Jesus isn’t using his usual teaching style, my favorite is when he teaches in parables. Jesus used these to reach those who do not understand. He uses them to relate to peoples situations. Many times in my life, I have been sitting in church thinking that there was no hope. The preacher used a parable taught by Jesus and I was able to receive what the Holy Spirit was saying.

I was also able to be set free.Jesus taught with authority because he is the Son of God. When the time came for the betrayal, Jesus told his disciples to go and prepare for them to partake in the Passover feast. It was then that he would explain that he would be betrayed by one of them and also be denied. Jesus knew the pain he was about to experience so he went to pray. In Luke 22-24, Jesus suffers the mocking and beatings from the guards, is denied, betrayed, crucified, and resurrected.

This is so important to the prophecies that Jesus was sent to fulfill. If he wouldn’t have died for our sins and beaten death then we would have no hope of a future in eternity.Now, that Jesus has been resurrected he will fulfill the promise of his return. He warns in Matthew 24 that many will come in his name. He explains the beginning of the end and what is to be expected of the rapture, he also explains about signs that lead up to this. Jesus also explains the mark of the beast but makes it apparent that the time and day is unknown for when he will return.

Stating that the trumpets will sound and He will come for his bride the church. Many will come against those who believe and they will be put to death or suffer in Jesus name. Jesus will come and save those who stood firm in their faith and did not sway during the end times.These 3 topics relate to my life because even though I wasn’t there, he did this for me.

If I wouldn’t have been taught the gospel and fell deeply in love with my savior, then I would not be attending GCU. I would still be at Columbus Tech pursuing a career that was based off of money and not off of fulfilling the calling that Jesus has placed on my life. I was extremely lost and thought I had no way out. Jesus showed me different.

I wouldn’t have seen how important I am to God through the death, resurrection and return of Jesus Christ. He has taught me my identity in him and this was done through his words, teachings, and promises laid out in the bible which should be our blue print.I feel that if society would learn and base their morals off of the teachings of Jesus then we would be in much better shape than we are. We have allowed the devil to some in and kill, steal and destroy what God has promised to us.

Society is trying to live independently of God and pull anyone down with them. The teachings of Jesus are a blue print for live. The entire bible holds every answer we need. It is up to us to search and seek the word for the answers.

The Holy Spirit was sent as a comforter when Jesus left. Our society is responsible for calling on the Holy Spirit to intercede and interpret it for us.