In the following paragraphs, I will analyze and critique the article “The Resurrection of Christ: Theological Implications” by Daniel B. Wallace. Wallace’s main purpose in writing this article is to stress importance of the Resurrection of Christ and its impact on the Christian faith.Wallace is theologically sound in supporting his views and held a bit of humor to his arguments. Wallace starts off with a little historical background into the Old Testament mind set and of the early Jews. He explains the historical implications of a coming Savior and why the nation needed hope.

He use Scripture in context and we can tell that he is well versed in his defense of the inerrancy of the Word of God.He describes the nation of God as needing hope and that they were looking for a Savior. He speaks briefly on the counsel the governed the laws called the Sadducees and uses a humorous sticking point on how to remember their name. Wallace describes the Sadducees as the precursors to modern TV evangelists. Next Wallace shifts to the early Christian preaching and the emphasis on the death of Christ.

He explains how the gospel message is foolish to those who are perishing. He then provides a Scriptural reference on how serious the early church took the resurrection of Christ and briefly explains that is was the cornerstone of their sermons in Acts. Wallace’s approach to the resurrection is such that it dictates the tone for our walk with Christ. Wallace then touches on nine key points of the significance of the resurrection of Christ.

His nine key points were the ultimate apologetic: (1) validation of the miracles of the Bible, (2) proof that God is the God of the living and is a living God, (3) fulfillment of Jesus’ prediction and of Scripture, (4) an essential part of the gospel, (5) implicit demonstration of Christ’s deity, (6) guarantee of believer’s resurrection, (7) balance perspective on the spiritual status of the human body, (8) the indwelling of the spirit and resurrection power, and (9) forgiveness of sin.Daniel B. Wallace addresses issues of the resurrection of Christ, by using Scriptural authority, to those who believe and do not believe convincingly. He uses humor, theological insight and Scripture in context to make his point and to present a valid argument.

Word count-388 Personally, I enjoyed reading this article by Daniel B. Wallace. It provided me with insight and theological backing to historical context and fact finding on the issues with the resurrection of Jesus Christ.I liked the way that Wallace emphasized the importance and the relevancy of the resurrection of Christ to our everyday walk with Christ. The importance of this miraculous event is why we live.Without Him, our lives and works are in vein.

God has given us assurance that we have a new life in Christ (Rom 6:4). The resurrection is the promised hope that we rely on. He conquered death, hell, and the grave in order that we may have life. This article was scripturally sound and Wallace’s arguments were theologically based.

He provided tools of information that any Christian could use in their apologetic tool box. Overall, I enjoyed this article and will save it for my future references. Word count- 153