Reflection of Last week sometime I went to a soccer game. I choose to go to the soccer game because it was really Just all I could think of and I finally had some free time to relax and enjoy the college life.

College life to me was of coarse stressing over classes and doing a ton of homework but also staying up late, no parent's, finding myself and becoming more independent. So I went to a soccer game, done with my class homework so I wanted to be a college student and enjoy being a prideful UNCCharlotte student. Going to this college soccer game made everything sink in ever since that moment. I was fitting in and having a good time.

It was a little nerve wrecking Just wondering "Oh no, nobody is going to like me cause I'm a freshmen" and "I'm not going to look cool cause I don't have very many friends with me" and then I started to wonder "shoot, I wonder what the other people are going to wear" but once I left my room, walked the 10 minute hike to the field, and saw everyone, all those silly thoughts instantly went away. It was Just all my anxiety.We all sat down towards the back of the bleachers and gazed at the soccer game, we were late so the action had already started. I'm not really a soccer type of girl but Just being there was exciting and felt like a breath of fresh air in some sense. After the first half of the soccer game, I started to feel comfortable and was contemplating if I should be outspoken and tell the girls that I wanted to go closer to the front of the bleachers. It seemed like most of the students were all down there and I didn't mind getting a closer view long with being with the rest of the college kids and sit in the front.

They seemed more excited and lively and I could tell they were having a blast down there. Just as I was about to say something, a friend of my roommate spotted us in the crowd and invited us to come to the front in the "student section". He gave us a warm smile and right then I knew this was my chance so I was the first to rise out of my seat and started to follow him down. Eventually my roommates caught up and followed us too! Not only was I excited to sit in the loud student section but I was proud of myself and I felt happy that I stepped out of my shell and took Josh's invitation.

A new me was coming out! Once we all got adjusted to our seats before I knew it I looked around and everyone, including my roommates and l, were yelling, laughing, and cheering people on and singing the chants that we half way knew. Josh was wearing no shirt and colored himself in green and gold paint and had a flag that said UNC, it was awesome seeing all this happen. Almost unreal. I had seen it on T. V before of how crazy the crowds can get at games but it was cool to actually be in it and living it for yeses.

It was great.We were all having a great first experience of getting out and going too sports game. I gained so much from that game, more than I ever thought I would, I took a lot away from it. I learned that stepping out of my shell gave me power to have fun, and taking chances isn't that bad. I took a chance on actually going to the game and not putting it off because of all the negative anxious thoughts I was thinking about. And I took a chance on going down to the student section and not staying in the back; I fought my anxiety once again and conquered my discouraging Houghton.

This may seem like a little accomplishment but it isn't to me, it is helping me with all aspects of living the college life. I'm now stepping out with classes, asking questions and answering them in front of the class and I'm being more vocal and giving my opinion more during my cross country practices. This also helped me to see how fun college is and sparked my interest to want to know what else is going on. I now want to be a part of clubs and I can't wait for more games to begin so I can go to those as well.I am a proud UNC student athlete and I love that I feel more comfortable expressing it. I can't thank my first soccer game enough for what it has done to me and my character.

It has made me less afraid and broke me out my shell. It was like all I needed was one good experience and now I'm ready for anything. The college life is great and is meeting all my expectations. Education will always be first priority but now it's easy for me to take the time to enjoy what the rest of the campus has to offer.

I am looking forward for the rest of the years to come!