What did I learn from the meeting with the Project Mentor, including the presentation I gave to my Project Mentor?

Writing the research undertaking was involvement portion of my life. Bing the first research of this nature, I encountered a batch of challenges. I was non truly certain how and where to get down from composing this undertaking.

The first meeting I had with my Project Mentor gave me assurance to compose this research undertaking.There are a batch of things that I have learnt from the Mentor and he guided me throughout the research undertaking readying.First, I had to fit the accomplishments I posses and the subject I have chosen. By fiting, I learnt how to measure my cognition, accomplishment and experience required fixing the research undertaking and hence developed accomplishments of contemplation.

The Mentor provided me with in-depth account of the demands of the subject I have chosen. With this apprehension, I was able to come up with inquiries for the research undertaking that were designed to run into the demands of the research aims.Time direction was an of import component. I learnt clip direction accomplishments by puting marks at every phase of my RAP and puting information demands at every phase of RAP. This was really helpful since I knew precisely what sort of information I was looking for at every phase.My wise man gave me an overview of what research was all about.

I learnt a batch of research techniques from my Mentor. For illustration, since I was utilizing secondary informations, I learnt the demand to diversify the beginnings of information so that I was utilizing dependable information to fix this research undertaking.Finally, my Mentor provided me with tips on study composing accomplishments, study construction and fix presentation in Microsoft Power Point. Presentation accomplishments included readying, developing presentation manner, structuring effectual presentation and developing as a presenter.

How has set abouting the RAP helped me in my accounting surveies and/or current employment function?

Making the RAP was really helpful to me. I acquired new accomplishments, new cognition and made me a thorough alteration of what I have already learnt in my ACCA surveies. The whole research undertaking was quiet interesting because it gave me an penetration on how to use the cognition I have acquired in my accounting surveies can be applied in pattern. Participating in this plan will be really helpful when I will be making the concluding documents of ACCA. RAP will assist me in the undermentioned countries:Ratios Analysis- accounting techniques.

Making the RAP was a good alteration of the cognition I acquired in my earlier surveies. I besides came to exhaustively understand the computation and reading of fiscal ratios.A figure of books with different account were used. I benefitted a batch compared to the one book I used in my earlier ACCA surveies. I used following books: BPP, London College of Accountancy manuals for F4 and P4, and Financial Accounting and Reporting by Jamie Elliot and Barry Elliot.

Having done this RAP, I am looking frontward to analyzing P3- Business Analysis and P4- Advanced Financial Management.My accomplishments to cipher and construe fiscal ratios have greatly improved which will be of value in existent life state of affairs. I truly enjoyed the ratios analysis because I was able to travel off from merely detecting the motion in ratios. I have gained the accomplishments to unearth what is doing this motion in the ratios utilizing the fiscal ratios as snapshots. Making the RAP has placed me in a better place to read and construe fiscal statements to understand what has happened and the future impact of the consequences.

Business AnalysisRAP has enormously improved my cognition of concern analysis because it required me understand different concern analysis techniques. I therefore read a batch of books including the BPP and Kaplan manuals for ACCA paper P3- Business Analysis and Competitive Strategy by Michael E. Porter ( 2004 ) to derive the necessary techniques of concern analysis for me to fix this RAP. I complemented this by sing different web sites which showed me how to look for the relevant information.

I gained elaborate cognition on how to measure concern utilizing different theoretical accounts such as SWOT ( strength, failing, chances and menaces ) , PEST ( Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors ) and Porter 's Five Forces.Because of the deepness of cognition that gained by making the RAP, I have the assurance and ardor to look frontward to analyzing ACCA paper P3- Business analysis.One of the absorbing elements of making RAP is the apprehension of how analysis is done. I have learnt that first I have to analyze the industry construction in which the company operates in order to find the fight and attraction.

Then derive the accomplishments to analyze the strength, failing, chances and menaces of the company in the face of these industry forces. I besides learnt the jussive moods of analyzing the fiscal ratios in concurrence of these factors.Profession moralssI have greatly improved my determination doing on ethical affairs since I have done the RAP. The ACCA Profession Ethics ( the demand before set abouting the RAP ) enhanced my determination doing on ethical because I had to cover with existent life scenarios. This cognition will be helpful when I will be analyzing the compulsory ACCA paper P1- Professional Accountants and P7- Advance Audit and Assurance. Following many corporate dirts, the Professional Accountants will do stand out on the occupation market.

How good I do believe I have answered my research inquiries?

I collected informations with the purpose of replying the research undertaking 's inquiries. I consistently drafted research aims that were supposed to be answered. These research inquiries influenced the type of information to be collected and the research attack.Having drafted clear and precise research inquiries, I so collected and evaluated the information that was directed to the research inquiries.

As a consequence I collected high quality information and saved a batch of clip which allowed me complete the undertaking as planed. Making the ACCA Professional moralss was of enormous importance because it made me move objectively throughout the RAP. For illustration, citing any information used that was non mine.The combination of the research techniques I learnt from my wise man and the Professional moralss faculty made me reply the research inquiries reasonably good.

It was impossible to thoroughly reply the research inquiries because of the undermentioned restrictions:I was non able to include all the relevant information that I would prefer in the study because I was non able to carry on interviews with cardinal forces at Pepsico Inc. The interview would hold provided me with information that is non contained in the publically available information.The subjectiveness of some issues made me do some subjective reading and opinion particularly where I lacked critical information.The research techniques deployed e.g. ratios, SWOT analysis and the Porter 's five forces have their ain restrictions as stated in the chief study.

For illustration, I could non utilize these theoretical accounts of analysis to mensurate the clients ' satisfaction and the Net Promoter Score ( NPS ) - boosters clients minus disparagers clients.I consistently approached the research undertaking so that I did non lose path of what I wanted to accomplish. I bit by bit did the research in such a manner that the preceded phase was the input to the following phase. For illustration, to analyze Pepsico Inc fiscal public presentation, I used the undermentioned attack to reply the research inquiries:Designation of techniques to be applied- fiscal ratios, SWOT etcIndustry analysis utilizing Porter 's five forcesCompany analysis utilizing SWOTCalculation of relevant ratios for each of the several old ages and analyse in concurrence of SWOT and porter 's five forcesConsequences ' reading of Pepsico IncMaking a decisionRelevant recommendations were made where possible to do betterment with the current state of affairs.

How have I demonstrated my interpersonal and communicating accomplishments during the work?

Fixing the RAP demanded more than merely reading books. The RAP inquiries required a broad beginning of information which included face to confront meetings with my Mentor. By holding a broad beginning of information I ensured the information was complete and representative. Synthesing the information to fix project the study that your criterion required accomplishments in study authorship and effectual presentation.Interpersonal and communicating accomplishments that were demonstrated during the RAP were as follows:Ability to bring forth the study ;My study is the footing of my findings, analysis and the recommendations. As a consequence I was able to show the degree of cognition and accomplishments required to compose the study which the RAP run into your demands.

I was able to show this cognition and accomplishments because of reading different books which enhanced these accomplishments. For illustration, I read books such as ; 'How to compose Dissertation and Project 's Report ' by Kathleen McMillan and Jonathan Weyers- August 2007. The RAP helped me show the ability to pass on the study 's findings by showing them in a meaningful manner.Undertaking 's presentation to my Mentor ;Bing the first clip, doing a presentation posed a batch of challenges. I had challenges in set uping information for presentation and to confidently stand and do presentation before my wise man.

I read a book called 'Brilliant Presentation ' by Richard Hall which helped with presentation accomplishments.Computer accomplishments ;I demonstrated my computing machine accomplishments through the computing machine programmes I used to show my RAP. The programmes include MS Word, MS Power Point, MS Excel and typing. I improved my computing machine accomplishments by reading books such as MS Office 2007- All in one desk, by Peter Weverka.