Good afternoon, ladies and gentleman!

I feel really honored to be here before you, the distinguished decision makers! And, to be honest, I feel even happier with the thought that I could bring along a fascinating idea that is worthy to seek your kind encouragement. [Pause]

It's an idea that can be compared with a wheel – only, it would spin money on and on with each of its volition – ladies and gentlemen [in a confident pitch], Please allow me to present my project, 'Medical Tourism in India' – the newest, safest and magical money-spinning wheel is lying dormant in it. How? Well, let me allow to go down to the details of it.

Ladies and gentlemen, my proposed company, ALOK TOURS & TRAVELS intends to serve people who can't afford higher medical costs of US and at the same time providing them much needed relief from monotony, all with unmatched low-cost package.

I'm sure, my offer of arranging quality treatment at less than one-fourth of what it costs at USA – that too with a pleasure trip to exotic location, would garner immediate response.

Let me be clearer. There's a 595 million strong market segment waiting to respond [Pause, wait for reaction]. Yes ladies and gentlemen, 40 millions out of them don't have any medical coverage, 250 millions have only partially covered and the rest, 350 millions are eager to avail cosmetic surgery at cheaper cost. A good chunk of them will surely come to me.

Ladies and gentlemen, there's even more. Why people would come to take this service from me? Especially when there are established companies like MedRetreat? But I claim, yes, they will [confident note].

Because, India happens to be my native place, brimming with my network more than anyone.  Because, I know more places there than anyone here in business. And I know every price tag there, every ways and means to garner fair deals from anyone.

Thus whoever would avails my service, would feel as an honored guest in India, a guest to my native land. This established networking would also enable me to work out for cheaper rates than others in the business, this would help me in getting jobs in less time than my competitors.

By the way, I need to apprise you of the kick-off amount of this business. I need just US$90,000.00 to kick-start this business, for once and all. Now Ladies and gentlemen, I believe I could brief you about my project. Rest will be history, if you kindly provide me the necessary spark through funding!

Thank you very much for sparing your valuable time and lending me a patient hearing. Thank you.