The aim of this proposal is to show the interaction between advertising and consumer behavior, how they influence one another and the extent which a good advertisement can change consumer behavior. Advertisement, being a form of communication that is meant to influence consumer’s behavior, is a very efficient way of persuading consumers to buy certain products (Petley, 2002). This will be shown by looking at the modern forms of advertisements that facilitate increased consumption of products (Alstiel, 2006). The second aim of the given research is theoretical and methodological analysis of the nature and functions of advertising as the communication technology and its influence on the promotion needs of people. The proposal will also study the characteristics of the psychological impact of the advertisements as a marketing tool to increase the purchasing power. The third aim is to analyze the communicative nature of advertising, define its main types and functions.

This proposal will try to analyze how advertisements pass the desired information to the consumers. It will also identify the features of advertising as a socio cultural phenomenon. Since advertisements involve social and cultural practices, the two will be well discussed in the proposal. The forth aim will be to reveal the social and cultural impact of advertising on the formation and change of people values and attitudes on the products while identify the features of advertising communications by completing the analysis of its constituents in relation to the situational tasks that address the subjects of communicative interaction. Finally the proposal will analyze the existing technologies like the IPod and the psychological impact of the advertisements of these technologies to the consumer’s choice. Advertisements have become a part of the human life since they are believed the change or to influence the consumer behavior.

The impact has become too much such that the consumer is left with no freedom of choice. Several authors have argued over this statement in their books saying that it is true though the consumer is the determining factor since he/she is the one to decide what to buy and what not to. Here are the key questions the research will attempt to answer. p style="text-align: justify;">What determines the choice of the advertising methodology? Does the selected advertising methodology really persuade consumers to buy the product? How much cost is incurred in advertising? Is it worth? And does the company get the required profits after advertising its products? Finally, which is the best advertising method that will reach and attract the most consumers, is it the press, television advertising, billboards, the internet or covert advertisingAdvertising also improves the popularity of a company.

(Cook, 2001) After the many questions that were asked, the answers to the questions were found. On the issue of what determines the choice of an advertising method, it was clear that the type of product and the company does so. This means that a product like clothes are better advertised on television than the internet while software’s are better advertised on the internet than television. The frequency and visibility of an advertisement will also determine the attractiveness of a product to the consumers (Wernick, 1991). A visible and more frequent advertisement will be more attractive to the consumers.

My specific focus on this research is the advertising industry and specifically the covert advertising and the celebrity branding. First of all, the focused research question under covert advertising method was why a company would prefer such kind of an advertising method. The second question was; what is the appropriate time to use this kind of advertisement in a movie since this kind of advertising involves movies where a certain product is utilized in a movie. The third question was; how much are the characters in the movie paid by the companies for advertising their product. Under celebrity branding, the first two questions were similar to those asked in the discussion of covert advertising.

The only different question was; what is the disadvantage of using celebrity branding as a way of advertising a product. The topic of interest under consumer behavior is why do they buy or not buy a product. The reason for a choice to buy a certain product is the belief that if you use the product you will be as smart as the people using it (Statt, 1977). Example is a veryy smart and beautiful lady advertising body lotion.

The ladies will use the lotion expecting to be beautiful like her. The other reason for a choice of a product is the reliability of the product. Example is the case of covert advertising where certain cars used in a movie are very fast and smart. This will make consumers go for the product. The other reason that can make certain product gain popularity is the branding.

The present ability of a product can also increase its preference to the consumers. This proposal mainly requires the assessing of theoretical and methodological principals in which cultural aspects of social life are defined. With the help of the methods stated below it will be possible to give the broadest assessment of advertising as a socio-cultural fact and justify social and technological model of advertising, which is interpreted as a unity of cultural, social and economic components. The first research method is the experiments which involves researchers assigning participants to various conditions so as to get information from them. This method also involves defining the problem, describing the hypothesis, collecting data, report writing and conclusions. The researcher also needs to have a notepaper or a tape recorder to record the whole data collection process incase future referencing is required.

The researcher also requires to have written permission forms to carry out the research.The second research method is the case study which involves interviews, observations, experiments and tests. This method requires that the research questions are prepared in advance and they are shared with the correspondent during the interview. Recording of the interview is also one of the requirements for the method since notes will have to be made later on the data gotten. This method also call for confidentiality; the researcher should ask the for permission from the participants to be studied.

The data collected should also give to another person, a clear and correct picture of what is being discussed in the report. The third method is the cause and effect method which distinguishes the major and minor influences to the consumer behavior. This method will also identify the main methods of attracting customers and the general position of the advertisement system in the world economy.