More businesses are turning to green cleaning services over traditional chemical cleaning services.

Read on to determine if green cleaning is right for your business and find out how green cleaning holds up to traditional methods. When you use chemical cleaning products regularly, you often forget how dangerous they are. By using chemical cleaning products, you are not only harming the environment, but also your health. Several cleaning products are classified as ‘corrosive’. These are the chemicals that cause damage to organic material, particularly human flesh. When cleaning, you are using chemicals to clean away the dirt and grime.

The more effective a chemical is in cleaning away dirt, the more damaging it will be to your skin. If it accidentally splashes in your eyes, it will do even more damage. No matter how safely you use chemicals, how they are stored and how well we stick to the manufacturers’ guidelines, the reality is they still affect our environment. Many people release chemicals into storm drains, meant for removing excess water after a downpour. This has an extremely negative impact on our environment.

Several cleaners release pollutants in the air, and the poisonous effect of these pollutants severely harms animal and plant life.The only way to fight against polluting the environment is to seek safer alternatives for cleaning commercial facilities. Choosing products that have environmental attributes such as biodegradability, low toxicity, low volatile organic compound (VOC) content, and low life cycle energy use will minimize the effect on our atmosphere. It will help improve air quality and reduce water pollution, thus making our quality of life better. The widespread popularity of green cleaning products with environmental agencies indicates that these are effective.

Agencies such as EcoLogo and Green Seal certify products for efficiency, in addition to their health and environmental benefit. As for the costs, prices of green products have come down steadily in recent years. Moreover, usage of green products offers some ancillary benefits as well. Insurance companies may lower the premium for enterprises using green cleaning products. Recent studies also indicate that the use of these products boosts productivity.

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