Technology can be good or bad for society. Certain advances like medical science can help bring society closer to a cure for fatal diseases like cancer. While others, like new phones, a better tablet or a faster Internet doesn't help a lot of things in our society. Things like the Internet make people dependent on technology to do everything for them. People these days do everything on the Internet, their work, live their social lives, even shopping. In conclusion, with all these new things being introduced, such as the Internet, people have forgotten how to do things for themselves.

There are several dangers to using the Internet that have had many impacts on the world. One big thing about the Internet is that while it may be useful it can be dangerous also, "No doubt the Internet can be an extremely useful tool for young people. But instant messaging, chat rooms, emails and social networking sites can also bring trouble - T he Internet can also bring trouble, from accessibility to more serious Internet dangers including exposure to sexual predators" (Km, 1). One of the big things that have happened because of the Internet is accessibility.

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In the world today many kids have been cyber bullied because of anyone's ability to access anything on the Internet, that includes social networking sites, and emails. Another reason the Internet can be a bad idea to continue using or advancing is because of sexual predators seeking out the younger generation through the Internet, "While sexual predators have targeted children in chat rooms, they migrate to wherever young people go online... More predators are now scouring social networking sites, such as Namespace ND Gang, because these sites have centralized so much information...

A child's profile typically includes photos, personal interests and blobs. "(Km, 2). In the past predators could only get to kids outside of their homes, and now kids aren't even fully safe and sound like they should be in their homes. As one can see, the Internet can be a very bad and dangerous place for people to access and they should always watch what they post on sites and who they communicate with. There are many other disadvantages to using the Internet that can affect a person mentally. One of these things is online gaming.

But while it can be fun and educational it can also be very dangerous,"... Much of the content of some games include sexual content, violence, and crude language. Plus, Internet-connected games enable kids to interact with strangers... " (Gasoliers, 1). These online games can hurt children or adults by showing violence or explicit language and content. Another big thing that can affect a parent or their child is all the many social networking sites that children can access and make for themselves.

These children and parents that let heir children make the pages and accounts on these different sites don't truly understand how dangerous it can be for them to have, "Social networks like Faceable are very popular online activities. But parents should be aware of the image their teens are projecting as well as the influences they are absorbing online. "(Gasoliers, 1). Parents and children should be careful on the Web. In brief, even though children should have freedom on the Internet their parents' should still watch what they do on the many different websites that children use every day to keep them safe like they would be.

Although there are a lot of bad things that can be accessed through the Internet there are also good things about it that can be beneficial to people. One of the things that can be beneficial about the Internet is staying informed. It gives a person the ability to stay connected without having to leave one's house, "Without leaving the computer, you can learn about the days news, download tax documents, check the weather and find the local bus 2). The Internet is a great resource, with many reliable sites that can provide quick, easy access to information.

The second thing that the Internet can be good for is working from home. The good thing about working from home is saving on gas money. When a person doesn't have to drive to the same place every day they can save money and save it for something important, and use it when they need it. In sum, while the Internet can be bad at times there are also good things that can come out of it. To summarize, the Internet has made people forget how to do things independently by introducing these new items, sites, and passage ways to and for people.

One of he disadvantages of using the internet is accessibility; it can happen to anyone over the Internet at anytime. Another bad thing about using the internet is the things that people can see in different gaming sites; these things include violence or explicit material. Finally, the Internet can be a very dangerous thing for people of all ages and it can have a negative effect on a person, these things include accessibility, exposure to sexual predators, violent game play, and different social networking sites. Work cited Km, Katherine. "4 Dangers of the Internet.

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