Why shovel the snow in your driveway when you have the advantage to use a big, powerful snow blower. Dig inch by inch, by inch, and tossing the shoveled snow to new grounds instead of Just walking your way through the snow and watching right in front of your eyes, the snow being thrown to the other side. Not only is it a lot quicker, more convenient, and easier, but It could also be much more effective In the long term. Such as, In today's world many people suffer from bad backs when they get older because of the prior snow swiveling they've done in the past.

It might not hurt when you're a kid, but if you do it a lot, it could be very risky in the near future. So, why take the chance? The technology is right beneath your hands, the only thing may preventing you is the money. Another great explanation I would like to use and why I prefer to take full advantage of today's modern day technology Is the bread machine. Several years ago before my mother ever heard of the bread machine for your kitchen, she used to make bread the old fashion way. She didn't mind making the bread, the only thing preventing her was time.Time was a big issue for her and she would rarely have any time to even dish out a piece of bread once a month on the dinner table for us.

However, when she received a bread machine from my grandparents last Christmas, she's now able to make bread every other day and although she misses making bread the old routine way, she claims she would never go back because the bread machine Is much more convenient, quicker, easier, and time consuming for her. An excellent last explanation I would like to use and supporting using modern day technology rather than old fashion technology is the high powered boat and Jet Ski.Which Is more convenient, quicker, and easier? The high powered Jet SSL or this wooden canoe made In the sass's. Great question, but completely oblivious. Not only do you save many steps by using a high powered boat, you're also accumulating great speeds which in result if your looking to get from Point A to Point B, becomes much more time consuming than the old fashion canoe.

Preferably for me, the canoe isn't very exciting. I find it very difficult to get everyone to paddle the boat at the same time, when one gets tried, another gets tired, then the last one or two people areI believe today's modern day technology is amazing and I am very happy to be apart of it. Although the only thing preventing people from using modern day technology is the price, it's definitely worth to have if you have the extra cash. Many elderly people prefer old fashion techniques because that was the way they were brought up, well I was brought up with this great technology beneath my hands so that brings me to take full advantage of it and I believe it's time to move on. When something is much more time consuming to use, easier to equip, and saves you health risks in the near future, why not take advantage of it?