?Advanced English listening Answer: unit 2 1. 1C     2.

D     3. B D 2. 1. D     2.

B     3. A 3. 1. C     2.

A     3. C     4. B     5. D     6.

C     7. D     8. B     9. A C Unit 3 PART ONE Skill A: UNDERSTANDING MAIN IDEAS (consolidated) TAPESCRIPT: You may have the tapescript unmasked if you have difficulty for the first time you listen to the extract.

W: You look worried. Is everything alright? M: No. I have a really big problem. W: Oh, tell me what is wrong. M: Well, you know that I'm a scholarship student, right? W: Yes, I know you are.

M: I’m supposed to have a B average every semester, or my scholarship getscancelled.That would be a big problem for me. W: Wow, that's tough. So what is the problem? M: I had biology class in the morning.

I was supposed to hand in an important assignment, but I overslept. When I finally woke up and ran to class, the professor wasn't there. If I don't hand in this assignment, the best I can do in this class is a C. W: Why didn't you go to his office? I'm sure he would have been there. M: I did, but he left for a vacation as soon as the class was over. He probably took everyone's assignment too.

Oh, I don't know what to do. W: You can talk to him when he comes back.I'm sure he will understand that it was an honest mistake. You can't just slip the assignment under his door while he is away. M: Yes, I guess not.

I really should have run faster. W: No, I think you should have woken up earlier. PART TWO 2. 1. Listen and answer the questions. The gold rush in California of 1849 is the most famous gold rush of North America.

Over 80,000 people, called the 49ers, because of the year 1849, rushed to Northern California to make easy money. The football team from San Francisco is called the 49ers, after the miners. A lot of people died on their way to California.Even when they did reach California, most of the gold spots were taken and there was little land to get gold from. But there were other gold rushes, mostly in the western regions of North America. They were not as dangerous or hard as the Californian gold rush.

The Klondike gold rush of 1896 is a fine example. Klondike is a small town next to Alaska, and is part of Canada. A Native American named Skookum Jim Mason first discovered gold. Unfortunately, at that time, the white people did not like Native Americans. So a friend of Mason, called George Carmack, registered the land under his name.They began to find a lot of gold in the area and built a small place to live.

Soon, more people started hearing about this gold. The new gold miners to Klondike were prepared. They made sure that they had enough food and warm clothes. In fact, they were so prepared that the gold rush was very organized and peoplerarely got hurt.

Klondike still has a gold mining company, but the gold rush is over. Key: 1. D     2. C     3. A 2.

2. Listen and answer the questions. (Listen for supporting details)  TAPESCRIPT & KEY: W: What are you planning for your summer holiday? M: I'm planning on getting a part-time job in the school.W: Really? What sort of job are you looking for? M: I was thinking about working in the library as an assistant. W: Hmm, that job may not big for you.

M: Why do you say that? W: You are an active person and like music. The library will be too quiet for you. Youcan't even use the internet or listen to music in there. M: I guess you're right. What else do you think I can try? W: I heard that the school team coach is looking for an assistant. He's always very busy with a lot of work.

M: What kind of job do you think an assistant must do? I don't want to just wipe baseball bats and helmets.W: Now you're just being silly. I heard that the assistant needs to manage a lot of equipment. The assistant also plans the sports activities for the whole semester. It's a big job, but it can also be a lot of fun! M: Hey, that does sound like a lot of fun! I wonder why I didn't think of that.

Thanks a lot. I'll look for him right now. W: You'd better hurry and find him fast. Quite a few students want to work with him.

M: Don't worry, I know the coach very well. I'll talk to him as soon as I see him and take that job. I really want that job now. Key: 1. D     2.

B & C     3. B