1st estate
Bishops, priests, and the church. Highest class. No taxes
2nd estate
The nobles. No taxes
3rd estate
Peasants, doctors, middle class, had to pay taxes.
The middle class
Deficit spending
Spending more money than you can afford
Louis XVI
Weak king of France during the start of the French Revolution. Married to Marie Antoinette. He was beheaded during the French Revolution
Marie Aintoinette
Queen of France, but was born in Austria. Very rich, lived in a palace is Versailles. Also beheaded during the French Revolution
Jacques Necker
Financial expert and advisor to King Louis XVI. He was fired after suggesting that the 1st & 2nd Estate should get taxed.
Legislative body consisting of representatives of the three estates. Was called for the 1st time in 175 years by Louis XVI because of financial crisis
Notebooks listing their grievances
Tennis Court Oath
Famous Oath made on a tennis court by members of the new National Assembly. Swore to defend the liberty of the French people & not stop until they had a constitutional and more rights.
A fortress in Paris used as a prison.The French revolution started when Parisians stormed it in 1789. The Parisians demanded weapons and gunpowder that believed to be there. The crowd stormed in, released prisoners, and killed guards.
Great Fear
Rumors of attacks on villages and towns
National Guard
Middle Class military. To fix the government
Marquis de Lafayette
Fought George Washington in the French Revolution. Headed the National Gaurd
Paris commune
More representation in government. Replaced the royalist government of the city. Wanted to end monarchy. Radical
Declaration of the rights of man
Declared that all men were born with natural and equal rights.
August 4th 1789
Nobles in the national assembly voted to end their own privileges. They agree that now they will pay taxes.
Constitution of 1791
Created a limited/constitutional monarchy. Created a legislative assembly.
Legislative Assembly
Had the power to make laws, collect taxes, & decide on issues
Flees the country for political reasons
Declaration of Pilnitz
Issued by Austria and Prussia. The two monarchs made this to protect the French monarchy
Name means: without breeches. They're the peasants. Demanded a republic
A government ruled by elected representatives instead of a monarch
Middle class. Also wanted republic. They helped get the word out.
Constitutional Monarchy
A country that is ruled by a king or queen but with limited power