Middle Ages
medieval period from 500 to 1500
heritage from rome belief in catholic church customs of germanic tribes
Where did the Middle ages roots come from - 3
germanic invaders
who overran the western half of the roman empire
disrupted trade, downfall of cities, population shifts
what three effects did the germanic invasions have on the western empire
no written language
why did the learning decrese in the wester roman empire (WRE)
oral traditon of songs & legends
what type of rich tradition did the germanic tribes have
no common language
explain the impact the germanic peoples had on language
germanic kingdoms, church
what eventually replace roman provinces, what institure kept peace and order during these chaotic times
family ties, and personal loyalty
what held germanc society tgether
germanic people in gaul
franks leader, bought christianity to the region
wife of clovis, urged him to convert to christianity
after winning battle, while asking fro gods help
explain how clovis convert to christianity
in southern europe people were afraid of attacks by what religious group pushing many people to convert to christianity
religous community of men who give up possesions to devot themselves to prayer
men who lived in monestaries
women who followed similar ways of life of monks
italian monk, wrote a book about rules of monasteries
benedicts heada an convent and adapted some rules to womem as her brother wrote
opened schools, maintained libraries, copied books
idenitify three things monks did to help people become educated in communities
gregory I
became pope broadened authority of papacy
worldly power involved in politics
raise armies, repair roads, help the poor
identify three things greory did with church revenues
churchly kingdom ruled by the poor
what would be the central theme of the middle ages
how many kingdoms did England split up into
franks, formerly gaul
who had the largest and strongest kingdom in europe
Charles martel
mayor- extended reign in north, south and east
battle of tours
battle in whick franks defeated muslim invadors
pepin the short
son of Charles martel who became king after him
Carolingian dynasty
family that ruled the franks for 751- 987
ruled the kingdom, built an empire
conquer new lands, spread Christianity
identify some things through battle Charlemagne was able to do with his kingdom
pope leo III
man who crowned Charlemagne the pope
who do Charlemagne limit the power of
encouragement of learning, English german, Italian, and Spanish scholars
what was one of Charlemagnes greatest accomplishments and who did he surround himself with
Charlemagne had the monasteries open what to train future monks and priests
Louis the pious
son of Charlemagne, crowned as emperor
lothair, Charles the bald, Louis the german- whow would control the empire
who were the sons of Louis the pious and what did the fight for
treaty of Verdun
divided empire into 3 kingdoms for Louis the pious sons (treaty)
the lacknof strong rulers led to what