included the Holy Roman Empire and the Netherlands
Hapsburg empire
Charles I took this name during his tule of the sprawling Hapsburg empire
Charles V
expanded Spanish influence during his 42-year reign, strengthened the Catholic Church, and made his own power absolute
Philip II
a ruler with complete authority over the government and the lives of the people
absolute monarch
believed that his authority to rule came directly from God
divine right
"the Greek; considered to be the master of Spanish painting
El Greco
the most important writer of Spain's golden age
Miguel de Cervantes
Why did Charles V divide the Hapsburg Empire?
It was too difficult for one person to rule effectively
What were Philip II's motivations for waging war?
advancing Catholicism and increasing Spain's power
What was the Siglo de Oro?
It was a golden century of Spanish arts and literature, from 1550 to 1650