the leaderwho brought Christianity to the Franks was?
a book of rules to be used for governing monasteries was written by?
the person who was chiefly responsible for increasing the Church's secular role during the Middle Ages was?
Gregory I
the achievement for which Charlemagne is most remembered was?
building an empire larger than any since Rome
the Treaty of Verdun ended?
Carolingian role of the Franks
Vikings raids eventually creased because of several factors, including the fact that?
farming conditions in the Viking homeland improved
under the system of feudalism, a fief belonged to which category?
land grant
the bargain made between a lord and a vassal was?
that the lord would grant the vassal land in exchange for military service
in the feudal system, what was a manor?
a lords estate
a tithe was a payment made to which type of person?
a priest
knights most commonly traded military service for?
a knight was expected to fight bravery in defense of three masters, including?
his chosen lady
The Song of Roland is an epic poem about a battle between French knights and?
Muslim invaders
troubadours were?
Eleanor of Aquitaine achieved her fame in part because she?
was queen of England
Canon law deals with issues under the authority of?
the church
the interdict was an effective weapon for a pope to use against a king because?
it cost the king the loyalty of his subjects, who feared for their own souls
Pope Gregory VII and the German emperor Henry IV fought over the issue of?
secular appointment of bishops
the Concordat of Worms resolved a power struggle between which two groups?
the Church and the Holy Roman emperor
the person who was so famous for his red beard that he was nicknamed Barbarossa was?
Fredrick I