Name 2 empires of the eastern hemisphere?
Automan empire; Austria hungry empire
Name 3 nations of Western Europe?
France, Italy, Spain
What empire was located in Africa in the 1500?
Songhai Empire
What empire was located in India in the 1500?
Name 3 empires of the western hemisphere.
Incans, Mayans, Aztecs
What does renaissance mean?
Revival of art and literature. Under the influence of classical models.
What marks the beginning of the modern world?
What knowledge was reborn during the renaissance?
Art and literature
The renaissance spread from Italy to where?
The rest of northern Europe
Who were the main renaissance painters?
Da vinci, Michelangelo.
What is the philosophy, which emphasized classical knowledge and a worldly life?
Who wrote sonnets and plays during the renaissance?
What poetry form was used during the renaissance?
What Dutch humanist helped to spread the ideas of humanism?
Where did the renaissance begin?
Florence, Italy
What are the 5 major world religions?
Christian, Buddhist, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism
In what hemisphere did they begin?
Where was Judaism concentrated in 1500?
Europe and Middle East
Where was Christianity concentrated in the 1500s?
Where was Islam concentrated in the 1500s?
Asia, Africa, southern Europe
Where was Hinduism concentrated in the 1500s?
India, parts of china
Where was Buddhism concentrated in the 1500s?
India and surrounding Middle East countries.
By 1500, trade linked what continents?
Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa.
What was the trade route between Asia and the Mediterranean basin?
Silk road
What was the trade route across North Africa?
Trans Saharan trade
What kind of trade routes crossed the Indian Ocean?
Maritime routes
What area was linked by trade to the black sea?
Northern European links
Why were these trade routes important?
Exchange of products and ideas
Name 4 products from china.
Spices, china, silk, tea
Name 2 advancements from India and the Middle East.
Textiles, numeral system
What scientific advancements were transferred along trade routes?
Medicine, astronomy, math
What was the main Christian church in the 1500?
What Christian church refused the change bringing on the reformation?
The practice of lending money at a high rate of interest is called what?
What group protested and challenged the church's view of business?
The nobles of what 2 countries disliked Italian domination of the church?
England, Germany
The church had not only religious power but also __ power?
What was the reformation?
Reforming of the Catholic Church abuse
Name 2 problems in the Catholic Church, which helped cause, the reformation.
Selling of indulgences, church corruption.
What was sold by the Catholic Church to release a soul from purgatory?
Who began the Lutheran church?
Martin Luther
Name 3 beliefs of the Lutheran church.
Salvation by faith alone, bible is authority, all humans equal
These were posted on the door of the church at Wittenberg and ho posted them?
95 thesis, martin Luther
Name 3 beliefs of john Calvin.
Predestination, work ethic, faith revealed by living a righteous life
This is the belief that god knows who will be saved and who will not.
Who expanded the protestant movement?
Who began the Anglican Church in England?
Elizabeth 1
Who broke with the Catholic Church because he wanted a divorce?
King Henry viii
What cased war and destruction in Europe?
50 years war
What was the ruling dynasty of the Holy Roman Empire?
The pope; Catholic Church
The conflict in Germany between the Catholics and Protestants became what war?
30 years war
What became the national Church of England?
Under what rule was the Anglican Church formed?
King Henry viii
The society of jesus is also known as what?
Was there always religious toleration in Europe?
Who had the power in most European states?
Holy roman empire
The movement the enjoy life on earth and its rewards is called what?
The movement which believes every person is important is called what>
This invention spread the idea of the renaissance and reformation
Printing press
Who invented the printing press?
Johannes Gutenberg
What did the invention of the printing press stimulate?
The bible was first printed in what 3 languages?
English, French, German
The loss of what city in 1453 encouraged the search for new trade routes.
What goods were in high demand in Europe in the mid 15th century?
Gold, spices, natural resources