US History Chapter 19 Test Review
John Joseph Karsk, February 19, 2014
Payment by loser for the cost of War expenses and damages
Area where heavy fighting occurred in France became known as the
Western Front ---area where Germany was pushing West to the Atlantic Ocean
Palmer Raids
Raids where people suspected of being Communists were arrested and deported.
Selective Service Act
Law passed by Congress to require men to serve in military
Triple Alliance
The alliance of the three countries of Germany, Austria/Hungary and Italy
Who was John J. Pershing
Commander of the U.S. Forces in Europe
What is an anarchist?
a person who opposes all forms of government
A sometimes deadly form of flu virus
US Navy escorted Convoys to protect them from
attack by German U-Boats, submarines
Espionage Act
1917 act gave the government new ways to combat spying
The post-war period was bad for famers because of
low price for the crops they raised
This person encouraged farms to increase food production during WW I
Herbert Hoover
People who refused to serve in the military due to religious beliefs
Conscientious Objectors
In Russia, this person started a revolution against the Czar
Vladimir Lenin
What was President Wilson's plan of the peace conference called
Wilson's 14 Points
Principle that citizens of a country should chose the type of government
this foreign policy expert and Republican Senator was not included in the Peace Delegation for the US
Henry Cabot Lodge
People in US against any treaty that included "The League of Nations"
What was the purpose of the CPI
The CPI was the Committee on Public Information, purpose was to inform US citizens on the cause and nature of the War
What is a Creditor Nation
A country which is owed money from other countries
Who wanted to start The League of Nations
Woodrow Wilson---it was on of his 14 Points for the Peace Conference
Warren G Harding won the Election of 1920 by campaigning on this
A Return to Normalcy
What was the Red Scare
Fear of Communism