New Frontier
President Kennedy set out to implement a legislative agenda that became known as the new frontier.
Missile Gap
claimed the US lagged behind the Soviets in weaponry
Special Olympics
Kennedy's sister had made a day camp for special needs kids to be physically active and compete (She also was special needs)
Earl Warren
Governor of California, to be chief of Justice of the US
The way in which the states draw up political districts based on changes in population
due Process
The stages a suspect or criminal goes through while being charged.
conventional weaponry
To give the nations military a weaponry program for more flexibility.
Flexible Response
if a nation needs help resisting communist movements, the president pushed for build up of troops and conventional weapons.
Alliance for Progress
To improve relations between the united states and Latin america, a series of cooperative aid projects with Latin Americas government.
Peace Corps
An organization that sent Americas to provide the humanitarian services to less-developed countries.
Yuri Gargrin
A soviet astronaut, became first person to orbit earth.
space race
refers to the cold war competition over dominance of space exploration capability.
John Glenn
Became first american to Orbit earth
Fidel Castro
had overthrown the corrupt Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista in 1959
Bay of Pigs (Failed Mission)
Action exposed an American plot to overthrow a neighbors government, and the outcome made America look disorganized.
La Brigada
The CIA secretly trained of group of Cuban Exiles who were known as La Brigada, to invade an island.
Nikita Krushev
Soviet premier wanted to stop the flow of Germans pouring out of communist east Germany into West Berlin.
Berlin Wall
Stood as visible symbol of the Cold War.
Abraham Zapruder
The individual who took the best video of the JFK assassination.
Lyndon Johnson
Was president after JFK, pushed a passage of civil rights bull and anti poverty legislation.
War on Poverty
Antipoverty Program under president Lyndon Johnson
Volunteer In Service To America; which essentially was a domestic Peace Corps.
Barry Goldwater
Senator of Arizona, known for strong conservatism.
Great Society
Main goal was to eliminate poverty, and racial injustice.
Health care insurance program funded through social security systems
Financial health care for welfare recipients who were living below the poverty line.
Project Head Start
Administered by the office of Economic opportunity , was for disadvantaged children.
Department of Housing and Urban Development
the program provided some important benefits to poorer communities and gave political and administrative benefits.
3 characteristics and who won election with results JFK Richard Nixon
Catholic, Wealthy, relaxed, Outgoing Formal, stiff in manner, republican. JFK won and had 303 votes and Nixon had 219
The state courts could not consider evidence obtained in violation of the federal constitution
The court ruled that a defendant in state court had the rights to a layer regarding his/her ability to pay
Justices ruled that the suspects must be allowed access to a lawyer and must be told to remain silent before questioned by the police.
required authorities to immediately tell suspects about having the right to remain silent and whatever they say can and will be held against them in court
3 Astronauts in Apollo 11 mission
Neil Armstrong, Edwin Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins
Name of command and lunar modules
Columbia and Eagele
Approximate number of hours the mission lasted
21 and a half hours to lunar surface.
5 different experiments while on the moon
-Studied the soil and the properties -Collected samples of Solar Wind -Detected Lunar earthquakes -Measured distance between moon and Earth -Studied effects of the lunar dust
How we discovered Cuban Missiles
American spy plane was taking pictures over the area and you could see them in the pics
3 pr0mises President Kennedy made to US people after discovery
To stop delivery of more missiles, Demand existing site be dismantled, and warned if attacked we come at them with full force.
How long the missile crisis lasted
6 days
3 agreements made between us and cuba