Spanish American War
the Splendid Little War
Causes of Spanish-American War
Spain mistreated Cuban Revolutionaries Sinking of the Maine Yellow Journalism
Yellow Journalism
journalism that blows a situation out of proportion
President during Spanish American War
President McKinley
Rough Riders
Teddy Roosevelt's gang during Spanish-Americna War
Admiral who defeated Spanish in the Philippines
George Dewey
Treaty of Paris
Gave the US Puerto Rico and Guam in exchange for $20 million (ended Spanish American War)
Platt Amendment
Gave US the right to intervene in Cuban affairs.
What were the 2 key points of American foreign policy at that time?
Monroe Doctrine and Open Door Policy
Monroe Doctrine
Western Hemisphere could not be colonized by Europeans, and the US would protect Latin America
Open Door Policy
China would not be dominated but would trade with all
Who wrote the Open Door Policy?
John Hay
Boxer Protocol
the punishment to China because of the Boxer Rebellion
Important publishers
William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer
Boxer Rebellion
Antiforeign Uprising in China that caused so many problems -