Constitution of 1824
Mexican constitution that established a states' rights government
Law of April 6, 1830
designed to stop further U.S. immigration; Stephen F. Austin tried to continue support the Mexican government after this law was passed and encouraged others to do the same
..., The adding of a region to the territory of an existing political unit.
..., What was the name of the large Spanish province that included San Juan Bautista and bordered the Province of Texas on the west
the place of the first serious conflict between Mexicans and Texans
Place where Treaty was signed to end Texas Revolution. Provided that all Mexicans would move south to the province
Buffalo Bayou
area where the Texas army planned to meet the Mexicans
Nueces Strip( occupied by Indians and Outlaws)
The land between the Land Rio Grande and the Nueces River, President Polk ordered General Taylor and his forces south to the Rio Grande, entering the territory that Mexicans disputed. Mexico laid claim to the Nueces River—about 150 mi (240 km) north of the Rio Grande—as its border with Texas; On April 25, 1846, a 2,000-strong Mexican cavalry detachment attacked a 70-man U.S. patrol that had been sent into the contested territory north of the Rio Grande and south of the Nueces River.
castle prisons where they held the texans
The Message on the flag at the battle of gonzales, referring to the cannon
Siege of Bexar
Battle of Concepcion
The Grass Fight
the battle over Mexican hay that was carried on mules because texans thought it was silver, Nov 26 1835
Siege of the Alamo
DID NOT have the necessities to gave Houston time to raise an army. DID woke Texas up / get them on their feet weakning Santa Anna army/ urge the idea of Independence
Battle of San Jacinto
Santa Anna forced to sign an armistice calling for an end to fighting.Battle cry "Remember the Goliad"
The Council House Fight
Republic of Texas officials and a Comanche in San Antonio, Texas, on March 19, 1840. Comanches wanted their land, Comancheria, and the Texans wanted the Mexican & Texan captives held by the Comanches. The meeting ended with 12 Comanche leaders shot to death in the Council House, 23 shot in the streets of San Antonio, and 30 taken captive.[2][3] The incident ended the chance for peace and led to years of hostility and war.
Fannin(texan) and Urea (Mexicans) led troops to Goliad. 350 men died. Fannin surrendered and Urea moved to Victoria.
Sam Houston
Torched Gonzalez. Houston's Leadership failure try to get his men to obey and cease fire. Houston changed from retreat to attack because he found a fine opportunity to separate the troops. Changes to his life 1840-1841 (marriage, road to abstinence, membership at the baptist Church). Aims regarding military threats"ease warfare fever and built texas defense" Stayed loyal to Cherokee Indians.Hosuton plan to address republics "waited out the problem that would go away'
Stephen Austin
Santa Anna
general/dictator of Mexico, lead the Mexican War, defeated the Texans at The Alamo and was Captured at San Jacinto.fought to gain Mexican independence and had become the president of Mexico. He went to Texas to stop the Texas Revolt, but was only temporarily successful; the Alamo being his most famous, yet ultimately inconsequential victory. He was defeated and the U.S. annexed Texas.
Cynthia Ann Parker
William Travis
commanded the garrison at the Alamo; important in rallying the men to continue fighting. He was killed in the Battle of the Alamo, and he was important because his death made Texas fight harder for their independence
Maribeau Lamar
1838 Texans elect him as the President of the Republic of Texas ( he was the VP under Sam Houston 1.836 he was a popular hero of the victory at San Jacinto as well)
Robert S. Neighbors
over 1854-1856 brought peace and Indian reservations
Cynthia Ann Parker
captured as a young child by the Comanches and adopted their culture; mother of Quanah Parker. date captured :1836 married to: Peta Nacona Date recovered by rangers: 1860 Award: $100 a year for five years (annually) Attempted: to return to the Commanches
Twin Sisters
Two six pound cannons
Held fewer than one quarter of the seat
Col. Ranald Mackenzie
After the Salt Creek Massacre got the top job fighting the indians. Risk international scandal by crossing the river without approval from the Mexican government.stopped Comanche warfare destroying five villages and capturing 1400 horses, the indians were forced to return Indian reservation
Lone Star
texas declared independence in 1836 and Houston forced signed treaty with Santa Ana in 1836
Dog trot
Dog run
Black Bean episode
the killings of the five Mexicans
Expansionist platform
need for more expansion/ more territory for the united states
..., the withdrawal of eleven Southern states from the Union in 1860 which precipitated the American Civil War
two steps to complete Reconstruction: register eligible voters and constitutional convention
Freedman's Bureau
purpose: help blacks adjust to freedom. three tasks that served the purpose "establishing schools, protecting freedman against violence drew opposition from whites basic rights of person and property finally supervised labor
..., a statutory right or privilege granted to a person or group by a government (especially the rights of citizenship and the right to vote)
Emancipation Proclamation/ forever a day of celebration for Texas blacks
a line drawn on a map so that all points along it have equal rainfall
Sad Iron
Instruments that they used every Tuesday "irons"
John Coffee
Defeated the Comanche warriors with an innovative weapon called a five shot revolver
Sam Houston
Desired to have Texas cultivated her soil by "building the economy grow the nation
Commodore Moore
Stole the navy
John C. Calhoun
The U.S secretary of state who signed the treaty of annexation
Four issues the treaty settled
a.) acquire public land in Texas and property of Texas b.) texas would become a territory of US c.)assume the republics public dept upto ten million dollars d.)United States and Mexico would settle the southwestern boundary
National Flags flew over Texas in a 25 year period ending in 1846:
Spain, Mexico, Republic of Texas, United States in that order
U.S flag flew
February 19, 1846
Issues the Joint Resolution changed
1.tall building /public became US property 2.Texas keep the land every other state the federal Government own 3.No territory of Texas 4.Settle boundary dispute
Joint Resolution included one provision
Texas could be subdivided to create as many as 4 additional states and could become 5 states without senators
Austin Colony
Alamo structures still standing
The Convent Yard and the Chapel
Nueces Massacre
German immigrants died
seal the results of san jacinto
Santa Anna was forced to sign an armistice calling for an end to fighting.
What happened at 3:30 Pm on April 21,1836 to change Texas History?
The Texas army began to advance across the prairie toward the Mexican camp whille they were sleep
William Travis
The mexican courier carry pouch with Travis name on it showing that santa anna was with the force that passed through Harrisburg and mexican soldiers were west of brazos.