Santa Anna
former President of Mexico; General of Mexican army; Dictator of Mexican government
Stephen F. Austin
first man from US to settle colony in Texas; father of Texas; fought in the war
William B. Travis
Commander of the Alamo when Bowie became sick
Lorenzo de Zavala
Mexican heroic man and fighter on the Texan side in the Alamo; Vice President of Texas
Sam Houston
First President of Texas; Commander of the Texas forces at San Jacinto
James Bowie
creator of the Bowie knife; volunteer at the Alamo
Davey Crockett
well-known woodsman; hero of Alamo
Three problems between Anglo settlers and Mexican government
1. Anglos wanted to live under a democracy 2. Anglos did not speak Spanish 3. Anglos did not want to become Catholic
Three important changes from the Law of April 6, 1830
1. Stopped more Anglos from settling in Texas 2. Stopped Anglos from bringing more slaves to Texas 3. Made Anglos pay taxes from goods imported from the US
What was the Battle of Gonzalez?
Mexicans lent the Anglos a cannon to help fight the Indians but the Anglos would not return it. Instead they hung a flag that said "Come and Take It"
form of government in which people make their own rules
important meeting
volunteer army
written plan of government
form of government where people choose their own leaders
signed request for action
How did Sam Houston and his army change the outcome of the Texas revolution?
By defeating Santa Anna at san Jacinto and sparing Santa Anna's life.
March 2, 1836
Texas Declaration of Independence was signed
March 6, 1836
The fall of the Alamo
March 27, 1836
the Goliad Massacre
April 21, 1836
Battle of San Jacinto
Treaties of Velasco - public treaty stated:
1. all American property would be returned 2. all Mexican and Anglo prisoners would be released 3. Santa Anna would be returned to Mexico 4. all Mexican forces would return to Mexico
Treaties of Velasco - private treaty stated:
The Texas government would release Santa Anna and in return, Santa Anna would accept the freedom of Texas.
Were the Treaties of Velasco ever honored by the Mexican government?
No, the treaties were not honored by the Mexican government.