The term "Red Scare" refers to
U.S. concerns about communism
Tin Pan Alley is most associated with
Irving Berlin
Which of the following statements MOST accurately describes the plight of U.S. farmers during the 1920s?
They suffered because of falling prices caused by overproduction
A U.S. citizens terrified by ideas of the Bolsheviks and caught up in the "Red Scare" was most concerned about
Immigration restrictions of the 1920s were closely tied to
the Red Scare
Langston Hughes and other African American writers are associated most closely with
the Harlem Renaissance
Henry Ford's most noteworthy contribution to industry is the
increase productivity with the assembly line process
The most popular form of mass entertainment following World War I was
What was the term 'talkies' referring to?
motion pictures.
It can be argued that radio's MOST important contribution to American life in the 1920s was
it helped to create a common culture in the United States.
Why is the Harlem Renaissance of major importance in American History?
It brought the African-American experience into the cultural conscious of the country.
Which of these best describes the term "flapper" in U.S. history?
women of the 1920s who listened to jazz, wore short hair and skirts, and challenged standards of behavior for women
Louis Armstrong rose to fame in the 1920s as a(n)
jazz musician
If you were going to go to a movie about the person that invented the "motion picture," which movie title would you choose?
Oh, Edison!
Which of the following is NOT associated with Henry Ford
motion pictures
Combining jazz, ragtime and blues, Tin Pan Alley was a musical center in what city?
New York
RESTRICTIONS OF IMMIGRATION IN 1920S continued discrimination against those from Asia and added limitations to ___________ immigrants as well.
This music originated at the turn of the 20th century, became synonymous with the Harlem Renaissance, grew steadily in popularity through the start of the Great Depression, and is considered a uniquely American art form.
What would BEST explain the increased totals for all cars made in the 1920s?
better mass production techniques
How did the automobile impact the American landscape?
The automobile led to the construction of paved roads.