Why is history open to ongoing and changing interpretations? (Unit 1)
Traditional interpretations are questioned by revisionists.
Which is the best example of a secondary source document useful in the study of history? (Unit 1)
An academic analysis of key battlefield strategies
Which accurately describes a newspaper article written during a historical event? (Unit 1)
Primary source document
Which is not necessary in a historical essay? (Unit 1)
First-hand accounts
How did the Old Lights attempt to suppress the influence of the New Lights in Connecticut and Massachusetts? (Unit 2 Section 1)
By denying the New Lights churches' legal status
What most fundamentally aided the spread of Enlightenment ideas from Europe to America? (Unit 2 Section 1)
The intellectual societies established in Philadelphia
Why did the government and Andrew Jackson relocate thousands of American Indians out of western territories? (Unit 3 Section 5)
To make room for more white settlers
Which program denied American Indians the use of their languages, forced them to cut their hair, denied the practice of traditional ceremonies, and forced adoption of American names? (Unit 3 Section 5)
Indian Boarding Schools
Which person is known for his scorched earth, total war tactics? (Unit 3 Section 2)
Leadership of which person was key to the North's victory in the Civil War? (Unit 3 Section 3)
Which best describes the purpose of Jim Crow laws? (Unit 3 Section 4)
Racial segregation
Which 1896 Supreme Court case resulted in the "separate but equal" doctrine? (Unit 4 Section 5)
Plessy v. Ferguson
What was one of the main reasons Hoover lost the election of 1932? (Unit 5 Section 4 )
Americans felt Hoover's reforms had not done enough to help them directly.
Which of the following describes Hoover's philosophical approach to stimulating the economy? (Unit 5 Section 4)
Hands- off: allow businesses to generate new sources of wealth without government intervention.
Which was the biggest flaw in the Articles of Confederation? (Unit 2 Section 4)
It created a weak federal government with no powers to impose taxes or regulate trade.
What was the "Great Compromise" in drafting the new constitution? (Unit 2 Section 4)
A plan for states' representation in Congress
During which clash, before colonists declared independence from Britain, did the American rebels succeed in conquering the British troops they were up against and how? (Unit 2 Section 3)
The Battle of Fort Ticonderoga: Benedict Arnold's and Ethan Allen's men launched a surprise early morning attack on Fort Ticonderoga and captured the fort
The First Continental Congress that met in 1774 created the Continental Association. What was this Association? (Unit 2 Section 3)
An agreement to boycott all British imports and to stop exporting to Britain and its colonies
Which was the main provision of the Wade-Davis Bill of 1864 that led Lincoln to "pocket veto" it? (Unit 3 Section 3)
The bill required a 10-percent tax on state government revenues to pay for Reconstruction.
Which best describes how Reconstruction affected Southern blacks? (Unit 3 Section 3)
Reconstruction afforded blacks freedom and voting rights, but also created an interracial struggle that often erupted in violence against blacks.
Which of the following was the least likely outcome of CCC? (Unit 5 Section 5)
Reducing crime rate among the youth
Which of the following did the New Deal use to solve many of the Great Depression's problems? (Unit 5 Section 5)
It lowered federal spending to maintain a balanced budget.
Which best defines sectionalism?
A way to divide countries, states, and cities
Which of the following led to the most sectional strife over slavery in the first half of the 19th century?
The election of Andrew Jackson
You are reading an article in your school newspaper that discusses a rising trend in students arriving late to class. One of the quotes in the article is from the football coach, and it states, "Tardiness is a serious matter, and I discuss this issue with my students regularly. I know the football players aren't to blame because they are well-disciplined kids." What should you take most into account when considering this quote?
The coach's bias toward the football team
Your teacher has assigned you to write a research paper on the US Revolutionary War, but you aren't familiar with this era. What graphic organizer would be best to build your understanding of this era?
Cause and effect outline
What was the purpose of the Hawley-Smoot Tariff of 1930?
To raise import tariffs to protect U.S. firms from foreign competition
What transformed U.S. politics in the 1920s?
The ascent of progressive politicians
What was one result of the First Great Awakening?
People began to examine their own personal relationships with God.
In what way did Quakers promote equality for women?
They allowed women to preach.
"Someone is always at my elbow reminding me that I am the granddaughter of slaves. It fails to register depression with me." —Zora Neale Hurston The quotation above is most closely associated with which of the following events or developments of the early 20th century?
Harlem Renaissance
Which of the following contributed to the failure of Prohibition?
Organized crime controlled illegal alcohol production.
Which event angered Americans and compelled the US government to send two strongly worded warnings to Germany in May and June 1915?
German submarines sinking the British liner Lusitania.
What was revealed about Germany when the British intercepted the Zimmerman telegram?
Germany wanted Mexico as an ally in exchange for help in recovering Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona from the United States.