9, Vietnamese, C-started garden to feel close to her father, plants lima beans in April; E-she felt she was getting closer to her father
80?, Romanian. C-nosy watcher, digs up Kim's seeds, Wendell waters them. E-learned not to be nosy, suspicious, stereotypical
40's, farm in Kentucky, C-saves Kim's lima beans, E-learns that there is a lot in his life he can't change, but can change Kim's seeds
8th grader, Guatemala, C-takes his uncle to the garden to farm, E-changes uncle from "baby" to man, pride in himself
30's-40's, Atlanta-America, C-plants seeds of goldenrod to remember her Granny, cleans up trash from lot, E-when you have to get something done, don't just sit around, get it done
78, Jewish American, C-activist, gets people involved, finds way to get water to the plants, E-he sees the good and evil things about the garden
5th grader, Haitian, C-helps father plant lettuce for restaurants, E-his father promises him things, but the garden isn't bringing the money for it, parents make mistakes
Sae Young
30's-40's, young Korean woman, C-digs small spot for to peppers, feels safe in garden.

E-garden brings her back to the real world

23, America, C-planted tomatoes for Lateesha to show he doesn't just think about himself, E-might win girl he loves
50-60, English, C-found way to get Mr. Myles to react positively after his stroke, E-gives Mr. Myles something to look forward too.
16, Mexican, C-she plants seeds and realizes her body is part of nature, makes friends with Leona, E-baby becomes important to her
50's?, Indian, C-plants eggplants and carrots, encounters Polish woman and Royce, E-changes his view of stereotyping, bring back his childhood memories
older woman, American-Ancestors from Louisiana, C-sees how the garden started, sees Kim plant seeds next spring, E-gives her something to look forward to