Montgomery's assistant; created by Moreau using a bear, dog, and ox
John Davis
the captain of Ipecacuanha (the ship that rescues Prendick); a drunken brute w/ a tendency to swear
Leopard Man
stalks Prendick; confronted by Moreau, attacks and runs; Prendick shoots him
Sayer of the Law
silvery, grey haired creature; patriarch of the beast men
greatest threat to Prendick following Leopard Man's death; Prendick kills him in self defense
Beast Folk
Bound by the Law; unfortunate results of Moreau's experiments
Charles Edward Prendick
nephew of the protagonist; claims he found the book among his uncle's things following Prendick's death and funeral
narrator and protagonist; upper-class; educated man who studied biology; reactions to the beast men is very significant in the novel
Dr Moreau
god-figure of the novel;; turns animals into men; created 120 beasts in which 60 survived; exiled to the island after a journalist revealed his work
Moreau's assistant; a medical man who studied biology; enjoyed happiness until he "lost his head for 10 minutes on a foggy night"; likes to drink Brandy; closest thing to a friend that Prendick has