Aura: noun
a distinctive but intangible quality that seems to surround a person or thingThe girl had a kind aura.

cc: feeling, good/bad

Unfurl: verb
to unroll, unfold or release somethingThe scroll unfurled. cc: uncurl, open
Revile: verb
to speak to or about in an insulting way"I hate you!" she reviled. cc: angry, bad connotation, mean
Antics: noun
outlandish or extravagant acts or gesturesThe girl created a crazy antic to steal the candy. cc: crazy, absurd, bad connotation
Omnipresent: adj.

present everywhere simultaneously The omnipresent store was all over the country. cc: all around, everywhere, good/bad
Impeccable: adj.
having no flaws, incapable of wrong doing; perfect"Your timing is impeccable," I said. cc: flawless, good connotation
Peripheral: adj.
located near the outer edges (boundary/retina)I saw the man through my peripheral outside, around the edges
Indignant: adj.

expressing strong displeasure; angryThe man was indignant after he was upset, bad connotation
Awestruck: adj.
full of mixed emotions of respect, wonder and dreadI was awestruck after seeing the motorcycle do a backflip during the show. cc: amazing, dangerous
Patronize: verb
to act as if one were better than anotherHer voice was very patronizing when she talked about how well she had done at the race. cc: stuck-up, bratty, bad connotation
Perpetuate: verb
something that was caused to last a long timeThe woman provided perpetual help to all homeless people.

cc: steadfast, continue on

Demonstrative: adj.
prone to showing strong emotion or affection. Her demonstrative technique made the lesson very clear to the informative, explanation
trepidation: noun
a state of alarm or dreadHer trepidation grew when she heard the tree branches scrape against the window scared, worried, bad connotation
audacity: noun
bold, fearless, daringShe had the audacity to tell the President that his idea was faulty.

cc: argumentative, negative

effervescent: adj.
enthusiastic; giving off bubblesThe soda was so effervescent that it made Charlie and his grandpa floating, happy
stalwart: adj.
physically and emotionally strongShe knew her stalwart father could keep her family together through the difficult admirable, tough, good
culprit: noun
one guilty of a fault or crimeThe culprit was caught due to the matching thief, negative connotation
credence: verb
mental acceptance of something as true or realThe man gave credence to Joe's claim that he was home all night.

cc: correct, support

irksome: adj.
causing annoyance or vexation; bothersomeThe boy's constant laughter was irksome to the girls who were trying to focus on the distracting, annoying, negative connotation
coercion: noun
act of using intimidation to make someone do something involuntarilyThe dog found bacon a good reward for the coercion of doing forced, unwilling
facetious: adj
amusing, not taken seriously or literallyThe young girl was not afraid when her older brother taunted her with the facetious statement, "Don't let the bed bugs bite," because she knew there were no bugs in her bed.

cc: silly, not true, exaggeration

regale: verb
to please someone with great entertainmentThe drama group planned to regale the crowd and receive a standing please, gratify
surreal: adj.
having an oddly dreamlike qualityThe early morning hike through the pine forest was so surreal the girl thought she might see a fantasy, super natural
ingrain: verb
to make something deeply apart of something else; firmly establishedHer family heritage was so deeply ingrained into her mind from the many years spend with her grandmother that she almost recipes and stories of past generations by heart. cc: fixed, put in
deliberations: noun
discussion and consideration of all sides of an issueThe jury retired to their room for deliberations on the case.

cc: reasoning, reviewing all parts

knave: noun
a dishonest, deceitful personThe knave was sentenced to five years in the dungeon by the King. cc: thief, old English