An organization that consists of individuals interested in controlling government by winning elections is referred to as a
political party
In Texas, the two leading political parties are the
Democratic and Republican
A general election is held in
November of even-numbered years.
In Texas, a candidate may only win an office in a general election if he/she receives
a majority of the vote
The hierarchical levels of American political parties is known as a
level system
The American political party system consists of
national, state, county, and precinct levels.
Primary elections in Texas are usually held
in March of even-numbered years.
The lowest level of the temporary party organizations in Texas are the
state conventions
Which of the following would be performed at a party's precinct convention?
Nomination of delegates to the county convention
Precinct conventions in Texas are usually
lightly or sparsely attended.
Resolutions adopted at the precinct convention will be submitted first to the
county or district convention.
Highly populated areas of the state that hold district conventions include
Bexar, Harris, and Dallas counties.
The main business of county and district conventions is to
select delegates to the state convention.
According to the Texas Election Code, each political party in Texas must hold a ___________ in June of even-numbered years.
Primary Election
Which of the following tasks is performed every two years at the state party convention?
Adoption of a party platform
Which of the following happens at the party state convention during presidential election years only?
Selection of members of the state executive committee
The number of electoral voters each state receives is equal to the
number of seats each state has in Congress.
How many electoral voters will Texas have in the presidential election of 2016?
Party precinct chairs are selected by
precinct voters.
The party's county executive committee is
responsible for organizing the state party convention.
As mandated by Texas state law, each party's state executive committee must
be comprised equally of men and women.
In Texas, a state party's chair is selected by the
state convention delegates.
Returns from the party primaries for statewide office are canvassed by the
state party executive committee.
Which policy would a conservative most likely support?
Reduction or elimination of the graduated income tax
Concerning the "left-right" political divide in Texas, which term would most likely describe a politician
Since the 1930s, the terms __________ have meant more to many Texas voters than the names of political parties.
liberal and conservative
Which political label would best describe a politician that is in favor of government regulation of the economy, but limited government involvement on social issues?
Liberals would most likely support which of the following policies?
Equal pay for equal work laws regarding women
Political alliances during the Republic of Texas were based on
When Congress passed the Reconstruction Acts, former slave owners and supporters of the Confederacy were
purged as officeholders and denied the vote.
The history of the Texas political party system has tended toward
Texas being a one-party state.
One of the possible reasons why Anglo voters opposed Governor E.J. Davis was that he
appointed African Americans to office throughout the state.
During the period of Reconstruction that followed the Civil War (1865-1873), the __________ Party controlled Texas politics
After Reconstruction, which political party dominated in Texas for more than 100 years?
Which political party during the latter part of the nineteenth century focused on agrarian issues and posed a challenge to the Democratic party of Texas?
At the turn of the twentieth century, the Populist Party in Texas declined, largely due to
the Democratic Party adopting its issues.
Beginning in the late 1940s, a majority of conservative Democrats in Texas began to support the
national Republican ticket.
Between 1900 and 1950, the main political conflict in Texas was between
liberal and conservative Democrats.
Which Texas governor supported Dwight Eisenhower in 1952 and 1956?
Alan Shivers
Who was the first Texas Republican elected in a statewide vote in the last half of the twentieth century?
John Tower
Which governor, elected in 1978, was the first Republican to hold that office since Reconstruction?
William Clements
Who was the first woman to represent Texas in the U.S. Senate?
Kay Bailey Hutchison
Which Texas governor, elected in 1994, was successful as the Republican Party's candidate for President in 2000?
George W. Bush
In __________, for the first time since the primary system was established in Texas, Republican primaries were conducted in all 254 Texas counties.
In which of the following decades did the Republican Party in Texas begin to win almost all of the statewide offices it challenged?
In the Texas general election of 2000, which two parties had more candidates for statewide office than did the Democratic Party?
Green and Libertarian
In the 2002 general election, Republicans
won all state wide races
In the Texas general election of 2002, which trio was dubbed, "the dream team" because of their expected appeal to Latino, African American, and Anglo voters?
Sanchez, Kirk, and Sharp
The first Texas candidate to receive more than 4 million votes was
Kay Bailey Hutchison.
In the closest presidential election of modern times, Governor Bush defeated Democratic nominee Al Gore by __________in 2000.
four electoral votes (271 to 267)
Changing demographic patterns in Harris and Dallas counties have
shown an increase in Democrats due to increases in minority populations.
In 2008, one reason why Obama won in Harris, Travis, Bexar, and Dallas counties was because of
solid support from Latino and African American voters.
In the 2010 Texas gubernatorial race, Kay Bailey Hutchison was defeated most likely due to her
being a woman
During the last 30 years, competition between Texas's Democratic and Republican parties has
brought more women, Latinos, and African Americans into the state's political system.
The trend of voters abandoning their traditional political party allegiance is referred to as
Which one of the following geographic areas is a Democratic stronghold in Texas?
Suburban Dallas-Fort Worth area
Which geographic area of Texas is a Republican stronghold?
Texas Panhandle and Texas South Plains
A political party that is not one of the two major parties is referred to as a
third party
Which statement best describes the Libertarian Party?
It supports limited government and maximum individual liberties.
In which of the following ways have third parties been least successful?
Winning elections to national offices
Of the third-parties listed below, which probably has had the least influence on Texas politics?
Which statement best describes the Green Party?
It advocates environmental protection and government reform policies.
Candidates who run for office with no party affiliation are referred to as
The term independent applies to those candidates for office who
have no party affiliation
The essence of representative government is having
entrusting the enactment of laws to elected legislators
Functions of the Texas legislature include all of the following, except
appointing state judges
The number of senators in the Texas legislature is
The only unicameral state legislature is that of
The Texas House of Representatives consists of __________ members
Legislative redistricting for both houses in Texas routinely occurs
the first odd-numbered year in a decade
The terms of office for members of the Texas legislature are
S4HR2 No lim
Which of the following is a true statement regarding senators in the Texas legislature?
They all stand for election the year following redistricting
A vacancy in the Texas House or Senate arising during a term is filled by
a special election
Regular sessions of the Texas legislature meet for
140 days in odd numbered years
Which of the following is a false statement regarding special sessions of the Texas legislature?
They are limited to three per year.
Which of the following is a false statement regarding members of the Texas legislature?
Vacancies to legislative seats are filled by governor's appointment.
The Texas legislature differs most from the U.S. Congress in that
it meets in regular session for a very limited time.
At a minimum, redistricting must occur every
ten years
Redistricting may be politically difficult for a legislator primarily because it may
take away previous voter support.
In Texas, the first legislative and congressional elections in districts determined by the 2010 census were conducted in
November of 2012.
All Texas senate seats are up for election every ten years because
Senate district lines are redrawn every 10 years.
The federal court case that applied the doctrine of "one-man, one-vote" to Texas was
Kilgarlin v. Martin
The U.S. Supreme Court found in Reynolds v. Sims (1964) that
legislative districts of bicameral state legislatures must have equal populations.
Which of the following statements best characterizes the Texas legislature?
Anglo males are a majority of the membership in both houses of the legislature.
The first African American elected to the Texas Senate in modern times was
Barbara Jordan.
After a state legislator serves__________ in office, he or she becomes eligible for a pension of __________.
eight years; $23,000 per year
The concerns of the Mexican American Legislative Caucus in the 1990s produced
larger appropriations for state universities in South Texas.
The liberal response to the Conservative Caucus is the
Legislative Study Group.
Which of the following is the most important communication tool during a campaign?
Television ads
According to studies, negative commercials
draw voter preference away from the candidate being attacked.
Organizations created to collect and distribute contributions to political campaigns are referred to as
political action committees.
Which of the following statements regarding the Campaign Reform Act of 2002 is false?
It applies to candidates running for seats in the Texas legislature.
In which case did the Supreme Court overturn a ban on unlimited independent expenditures made by corporations, unions, and nonprofit organizations in federal elections?
Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (2010)
Which of the following does not describe Texas campaign finance regulations for state offices?
There are no disclosure requirements by candidates.
As a percentage, Texas's Latino population is
more than half of the state's total population.
The Latino community showed its political strength in May of 2010 by
having 28,000 protesters in Dallas opposing the Arizona immigration law.
Which president appointed more Asians to federal judgeships?
The average income for a white female is $48K and for a black female it is $31K; what is it for a Hispanic female?
Who first wrote about male privilege and later white privilege?
Robert Jensen
Which case decided corporations were persons under the law?
Santa Clara Co.
Joseph Claude Martin of Laredo political machine fame also went by what other name?
Pepe Martin
Harry Truman came out of which political machine to become a Vice President of the US?
Tom and George Pendergast
The Reform Movement to end political machines ushered in several new approaches to governing. Which of these was one?
All of these
The documentary The Longoria Affair led to the rise of which civil rights organization?
D Heritage magazine on black politics in Dallas assigned for class has a time line for a concise history of such. When does it begin and end?
Colonias the assigned booklet for class was published by whom?
Dallas Federal Reserve Bank
Unemployment in the five Rio Grande Valley Colonias back in 1994 was higher than the state average of 7%. How much higher?
from 20% to 60%
What percentage of Texas's African American citizens say that they are Democrats?
Which amendments to the U. S. Constitution were intended to prevent denial of the right to vote for African Americans?
Fourteenth and Fifteenth
In the U.S. Supreme Court case of Guinn v. United States (1915), the court ruled that
the grandfather clause was illegal.
Which U.S. amendment prevents states from requiring payment of a poll tax as a condition for voting?
A device used in Texas to prevent many lower-income persons and blacks from voting during much of the twentieth century was the
Poll Tax
During the first half of the twentieth century, large numbers of African American voters were disqualified from voting as a result of
All of the Above
Texas employed which of the following methods at one time or another during the twentieth century to deny the vote to large groups of individuals?
Literacy tests, poll taxes, and white primaries
The case of Smith v. Allwright overturned the
white-only primary elections in Texas
Manipulating legislative district lines to favor a political party or group is referred to as
Of the various socioeconomic factors that influence voter turnout, which is considered the strongest?
A major requirement of the Voting Rights Act of 1975 is that ballots must be
An election in which party members choose a candidate to run for office in a general election is a
primary election.
The size of the vote necessary to win a special election in Texas is a
simple majority.
A vacancy in which of the following offices is not filled by a special election?
Texas governor or lieutenant governor
Which of these Koch name(s) are the principal political actors in right-wing U.S. politics today?
only two
"Koch Brothers Exposed" a recent documentary movie on the political funding by the Koch brothers asserts that they obtained 400 signature pledges from members of Congress to vote against climate change legislation if it did not include what?
Tax cuts
"The Longoria Affair" featured several prominent men and a couple of lesser knowns and their efforts to bury Felix Longoria. Where did the burial eventually take place?
Arlington VA
The next election in Arlington, Tx is set for May 9, 2015. When is the last day of Early Voting?
May 5th