I now must changeThose notes to tragic; foul distrust, and breachDisloyal on the part of man, revolt,And disobedience: on the part of Heav'nNow alienate, distance and distaste,Anger and just rebuke, and judgment giv'n,that brought into this world a world of owe (Lines: 5-11)
Tragedy (classical) in RenaissanceChange In Tragic Flaw = fall, not fighting, distance from God, lose everything-dramatic narrative poetry
Me of theseNor skilled nor studious, higher argumentRemains, sufficient of itself to raiseThat name, unless an age too late, or coldClimate, or years damp my intended wingDepressed, and much they may, if all be mine,Not hers who brings it nightly to my ear.(Lines: 41-47)
-expands on story -when sleep at night --> PL comes to him --> dictates lines to daughters-not right person to pull off by self-in English -he's too old, but has help of personal Muse, ear
There was a place,Now not, though sin, not time, first wrought the change,Where Tigris at the foot of ParadiseInto a gulf shot underground, till partRose up a fountain by the Tree of Life;In with the river sunk, and with it roseSatan involved in rising mist, then soughtWhere to lie hid.

(Lines: 69-79)

-words are monosyllable- sin, not time --> delusion -flex. and strength of Milton -Satan sneaking to Paradise --> river --> underneath-volvo --> "I roll" --> turning around in mist
Eve: Let's divide our labors and split up.Adam: But we've been warned that Satan's after us.Eve: Don't you have confidence in me?Adam: I do trust you; but it's better not to be tempted, no?Eve: What kind of state is this if we can't be tempted?Adam: God did make us free .

. . so if you really want to go . . .

Eve: Satan's not likely to approach me (being the weaker) and, anyway, I'll be ready.(Lines: 25- 384)

-Milton makes Eve fully human-Adam is caring for Eve, that is why he doesn't want her to go. It is not misogyny.
That space the Evil One abstracted stoodFrom his own evil, and for the time remainedStupidly good, of enmity disarmed,Of guile, of hate, of envy, of revenge;But the hot hell that always in him burns,Though in mid-Heav'n, soon ended his delight. .

(Lines: 463-468)

Satan removed from evil for moment; "stupidly" good-hell is a physical place and a state of mind
Satan: Wonder not. Goddess.Eve: How can a serpent talk?Satan: I ate some fair apples.Eve: Where?Satan: Just over yonder. [They go]Eve: Oh, these.

Can't do: forbidden.Satan: Really? God said no?Eve: He said not even to touch it: it causes death.(Lines: 663-669)

-Satan tempting Eve-Apples: knowledge + death equal ignorance is bliss
She scarce had said, though brief, when now more boldThe Tempter, but with show of zeal and loveTo man, and indignation at his wrong,New part puts on, and as to passion moved,Fluctuates disturbed, yet comely, and in actRaised, as of some great matter to begin.Satan: Look at me: I'm not dead; it's made me more perfect.

It's better to know about evil; why then has this been forbidden you? Then freely taste.Eve: It must be great fruit: we've been told it's Knowledge, but forbidden it. The snake's not dead; why should we die? Why should we be denied this, then?So saying, her rash hand in evil hourForth reaching to the fruit, she plucked, she eat.Earth felt the wound, and nature from her seatSighing through all her works gave signs of woe,That all was lost.

(Lines: 906-909)

-Milton knows actors can persuade-Satan pretends to be shocked that God doesn't allow to eat fruit -she easts the apple and nature reacts
O how unlikeTo that first naked glory. Such of lateColumbus found th' American so girtWith feathered cincture, naked else and wild,Among the trees on isles and woody shores.
-Adam and Eve ha sex after eating the apples. This makes them dirty (even though have done before)-Adam and Eve now know between good and evil and they feel guilt and shame when they are naked in front of each other and god-They had Paradise and lost it because of disobedience