Who does Zeus send a false dream to and in what form?
Agamemnon in the form of Nestor, to persuade him that he can take Troy, of he launches a full attack
How does Agamemnon test his troops?
He lies and tells them that he has decided to give up the war and return to Greece. They ran to their ships
Who inspired Odysseus to call back the men?
What was the prophecy that Odysseus reminded them?
Calchas: 9 years would pass before the Greeks would finally take Troy.
What does the poet do now?
Takes this opportunity to enter into a catalog of the army.

He details the the cities that contributed troops to the Greek and the number rod each troop

What does the poet catalog at the end of the book?
He singles out the bravest of the Achaeans including Achilles and Ajax.
What does Zeus send to the Trojans to warn them about the Greeks awesome formation and what did they do to prepare?
A messenger and they gathered their own troops with Priam's son, Hector, as their commander
What does the poet catalog at the end of the book?
The Trojan forces