This polish astronomer concluded that the earth and other planets revolve around the sun.
This British physician introduced a vaccine for smallpox
This German scientist made the first thermometer
Fredrick the great
This Persian king reformed society improving edu, outlawing torture, and granting some religious freedom
Joseph II
This Austrian king reformed society improving edu, freedom of the press, and the end of serfdom
He dissected pigs and other animals to out about human anatomy
The most brilliant of the philosophes, he used satire to attack the clergy, aristocrats, and the government
He thought the British system was the best because it balanced power between the monarch, cabinet, and parliament
He believed in individual freedom
He pioneered the use of the scientific method in chemistry
A brilliant mathematician who concluded that the planets move around the sun in a particular pattern, not a circle
Isaac newton
This English scientist who wrote about gravitation
She believed that women should have the same equal right as men do.
He was one of the greatest composers of the enlightenment
Robert Boyle
He dissected human corpses and published his findings
John Locke
He believed in three natural rights; life, liberty, and property
Catherine the great
This Russian monarch set up a commission to review laws with the intent of reform. Unfortunately, little was accomplished
Thomas Jefferson
He wrote the declaration of independence
This Italian Scientist who built his own telescope
Francis Bacon
This English writer used empiricism
Edward Jenner
"I think, therefor I am"
He wrote the first encyclopedia
bill of rights
The first 10 amendments
A simple and elegant Style that borrowed from classical Greece and Rome
A style characterized by grand ornate designs
Gathering hosted by socialites hoping to attract the brightest thinkers for enlightened discussion and entertainment
Social contract
The relationship of ruler and ruled
Federal System
This allows for two levels of government, state and federal
checks and balances
Our government system has this, built for each branch to have some control over others
This theory says the sun is the center of the universe, planets revolve around it
scientific revolution
This was a huge change in our view of thinking. People began carful observations and a willingness to question existing believes in order to reach conclusions.
Earth centered view of our universe proposed by Aristotle and others.
Articles of confederation
Our first national constitution that spelled out our form of government
This document explains our system of government, It went into effect in 1787.
Declaration of independence
Spelled out the philosophe of our government for our founding fathers; it lists the ievances coloniss had against the British govnerment, declared war on Britain.
enlighted despots
These absolute rulers tried to make reforms based on enlighted thinking
A new intellectual movement that stressed reason and thought
scientific method
a logical procedure for gathering and testing ideas