Charles V
This Spanish monarch controlled Spain, American colonies, parts of Italy, lands in Austra, Spanish Netherlands, and the Holy Roman Empire in the mid-1500s.
Peace of Augsburg
This allowed German Luther princes to choose their own religion.
This was the campaign to drive Muslims out of Spain by the Catholic monarch.
Philip IIs huge grey granite palace
He wrote the first novel, Don Quixote
Absolute Monarchs
Kings or queens who held all the power within their states boundaries
Devine right
The idea that God created the monarchy and that the monarch acted as Gods representative on earth
This catholic dynasty controlled Austria. They built a stron, cenralized gov ernment unlike mos countries in Europe.
Thirty Year
This war devasted Germany, 4 million people died
Maria Theresa
Daughter of Charles IV, she ruled the Hapsburg Empire
This was Prussia's ruling family
This term refers to Prussias landowning nobility
He ruled by terror, even to the point of killing his eldest son after an argument
This term refers to Russias landowning nobility
This is the Russian title based on the term Caesar
She was teh wife of the terrible Russian leader. He blamed her death on his enemies.
He was not only "great" but he was smart, tall, ferocious, and forward thinking.
He was the King when a new Bible translation occured
Restoration Act
This document said that the king was not above the law. Charles the I signed it but ignored it.
These wer the loyalists who supported King Charles
These were Puritan supporters of Parliament
He was the Puritan General that tried to abolish the monarchy and act as a military dictator
habeas corpus
Legal principle that says the government must show just cause to imprison someone
These people opposed the Catholic, King James
This bloodless revolution brought William and Mary to the British throne.
French Protestants who battled Catholics in the late 1500s
Henry of Navarre
He was robust, atheltic, and handsome. He married Catherine de Medicis daughter and later became the first king of the Bourbon dynasty. He converted to Catholicism.
Edict of Nantes
This was a declarationof religious tolerance in France in 1598
Even though Louis XIII was monarch, this cardinal controlled government, strengthened the catholic manarchy at the expese of the huguenots
The idea that nothing can really ever be known for certain.
He was the main advisor to Louis XIV of France. He ended the thirty year war but incrased taxes
Government agents who collected taxes and administered justice
Jean Baptiste Colbert
As Louis XIV's minister of finance, he believed in mercantilism.
Louis XIV had this beautiful palace built just outside of Paris