Who is considered the father of the Hebrew people?
What was a major difference between the religion of the early Hebrews and the religions of other early cultures such as the Sumerians and Egyptians?
The Hebrews believed in one all-powerful god who was present everywhere.
How did the Minoans and Phoenicians influence the cultures surrounding the Mediterranean Sea?
They established sea trade routes, which helped in the spread of ideas and goods.
Who is considered the patriarch of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam?
What was a primary difference between Judaism and the belief systems of other early cultures?
The Hebrews believed in one god who was all powerful.
What sacred writings contain the religious beliefs of Judaism, including the Ten Commandments?
Which of the following best describes ethical monotheism?
belief in one god who requires people to be just and kind
Into what four castes was Hindu society clearly divided?
priests and educated people; warriors; merchants; workers
What sacred writings contain the religious beliefs of Hinduism?
What was Siddhartha Gautama looking for when he set out on his spiritual quest?
the meaning behind suffering
Where did Buddhists build tall, multileveled towers called pagodas?
Japan and China
What religion did Asoka convert to?
Regarding religion, how were the Mauryan and Gupta empires alike?
They both showed tolerance for other religions.
Which is a key belief of Buddhism?
The cause of all suffering is desire.
Where did Buddhism spread in the centuries following the Buddha's death?
Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia, and eastern Asia
What must happen for historians to consider a particular time in a civilization a classical period?
The civilization must make extraordinary achievements in areas such as art and science.
For what is Asoka mainly known?
promoting the Buddhist faith
Which empire or dynasty invented the zero, knew the earth rotated around its axis, and sponsored the work of authors writing in Sanskrit?
Which empire or dynasty introduced the concept of the mandate of heaven, made great advances in iron technology, and invented a new form of portable money?
Which best describes Confucianism?
a system of ethics that deals with morals and values in human conduct
Which best describes the influence of Confucianism?
It became a dominant philosophy in at least one-third of the world.
Which religion or philosophy focused on the individual's place in nature and the universe?
How did Buddhism begin to spread outside of India during the Mauryan Empire?
Asoka sent missionaries abroad to spread Buddhism.
What resulted from the technological accomplishments of the Qin Dynasty?
China became more politically and economically unified.
How did Liu Bang's methods of ruling the empire differ from the methods used by the Qin Dynasty?
He was more lenient and was guided by Confucian ideals.
Which empire or dynasty emphasized unity of the empire, had government officials who had to pass a test, and saw the opening of the Silk Road?
Which is an example of an extraordinary achievement accomplished during China's golden age?
the invention of paper
Which does not accurately describe Minoan civilization?
It left behind no artifacts for archaeologists to study.
Which is a Phoenician invention that influenced the Western world?
the alphabet
Which Hebrew leader guided his people out of Egypt?
Which does not accurately describe the religion of early Hebrews?
They believed in many gods and goddesses, associated with nature.
Which is a Jewish holy book?
Which is India's major religion?
In India's caste system, which group was considered the lowest caste?
Which best describes the term classical period?
a period of great achievements in art, science, religion, philosophy, and politics
What was Siddhartha Gautama seeking when he began his spiritual journey?
an explanation for human suffering
Which is not a part of Buddhist religious teachings?
the Analects
What happened following the death of the Buddha?
Buddhist missionaries spread the new faith, first to Sri Lanka.
What was similar about the Mauryan and Gupta empires?
Both treated other religions with tolerance.
Which Mauryan ruler converted to Buddhism?
What is not an achievement of the Gupta Empire during India's golden age?
Which best describes the "mandate of heaven"?
the Zhou Dynasty's justification for its leadership
Which was the most important relationship, according to Confucius?
between parent and child
In Confucianism, which is not a feature of the ideal ruler?
absolute power
Which belief system gave us the yin-yang circle?
Who took the title "The First Emperor"?
Qin Shi Huangdi
Which is not a way the first ruler of the Qin Dynasty maintained control over his empire?
He tolerated opposing views.
Which empire or dynasty witnessed the invention of paper?
In conducting Internet research, which is not a factor in evaluating an online source?
Internet connection speed