Which condition is most necessary to the process of industrialization in a society?
availability of investment capital
According to Karl Marx, history is the record of the
struggle between classes in society
A main idea of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles' Communist Manifesto is that the proletariat
must unite to overthrow the capitalist class
"Revolution will occur more and more frequently in the industrialized nations as the proletariat struggles to overcome the abuses of the capitalist system." This quotation reflects the ideas of
Karl Marx
"The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains...Workers of the world, unite!" This statement was made in response to conditions resulting from the
Industrial Revolution
Before a nation can begin to industrialize, that nation must first develop
an adequate food supply`
A major result of the Industrial Revolution was the
concentration of workers in urban areas
According to the theories of Karl Marx, history can be viewed as a
continuous struggle between economic classes
-Europeans sought new markets for their goods. -Many Europeans migrated to the cities in search of jobs. -European middle class gained political power. What was the major cause of these changes in Europe?
Industrial Revolution
Which revolution inspired Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels to express their ideas in The Communist Manifesto?
Why did the Industrial Revolution begin in Great Britain?
Many new invention's
How did the Industrial Revolution change society?
Before the Industrial Revolution all work was done by hand, and now it is mainly done by machines.
How did the Industrial Revolution change climate change?
It influcenced global warming.
What changes did the industrial revolution have on Americans?
A new class of industrial engineers organized the land, labor, mineral resources, and capital of the nation, to maximize both production and profit.
What was the 'new' industry dominated by?
Machines and manufacturing
What 'class' did the Industrial Revolution create?
An urban working class
What led to population explosion in England?
Better jobs, more money
Why do some historians dislike the term 'Industrial Revolution'?
They feel 'revolution' means a dramatic change, but the real change was gradual and varied
Which areas of Britain grew the most?
Urban areas
When and where was Britain described as 'the workshop of the world'?
In 1851 at the Great Exhibition